The new BIM-Compendium Theory and Practice

When modeling in 3D, designers are often faced with challenges - whether they are working with the building structure, importing or exporting data, or verifying the data. The new BIM-Compendium for Allplan supports users as they collaborate and communicate with project partners, as well as offers users the guidance they need to optimize their work in 3D.

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is the integrated approach for the optimized design, planning and execution of buildings. Allplan, as a BIM platform, provides the ideal base with its object-oriented 3D model. Relevant information is entered, compiled, combined, and networked into one intelligent prototype. Architects and structural engineers reap the rewards of harnessing the most up-to-date planning data and can calculate costs even before construction begins. The BIM-Compendium was designed as a reference for Allplan users who create and exchange three-dimensional data with partner offices and or different programs.

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  • 3D Building Model in Allplan

  • Working with the Building Structure

  • Elements and Attributes for the Frame, Finishing, and Rooms

  • Attributes of Hierarchy Levels

  • Data Export and Import

  • Data Exchange with IFC

BIM for architects

“BIM is a method that allows you to create increasingly complex designs, processes, and the resulting interfaces in more detail, so as to minimize errors, make more reliable decisions, and guarantee high levels of cost accuracy at an early stage of the project.”

Tom Lechner, Managing Director of LP architecture, Austria

BIM for engineers

“Allplan is the tool we use to draw up a virtual model, the most important basis for a BIM environment. It is from this model that we derive 2D drawings, tables, and plans. Each planner uses his or her own software, making it crucial that the Allplan model can be exported to other programs. The model is the starting point of a project, not the final objective.”

Ramon Steins; Engineer office van der Werf en Nass bv, Netherlands

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