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Discover a CAD software program in which you can develop your ideas freely

When all the elements of a building harmonize perfectly, it produces the impression of a unique work of art. Conceived, planned and built by people following their calling. Passionate, consistent and without compromise. In order to give this creative process our maximum support, we have created a first-class CAD software program with Allplan – the BIM platform. Allplan combines intuitive usability with easy data exchange and effective cost planning. For maximum freedom in the design, planning and construction of buildings.

Allplan offers a full range of options and maximum freedom for your planning

From the initial draft to work and detailed planning through to construction cost planning, a CAD software program with an abundance of the most diverse planning and visualization tools awaits you.

Alternating between 2D and 3D
is also possible without any problems: This means you can work the way you want depending on the work phase and project. This provides optimal support for the BIM working method in particular

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Allplan stands for reliable analyses and reports

Plan with cost reliability? Generate a quantity structure directly from the model? The architecture software Allplan enables you to prepare analyses for cost calculation, bidding and awarding and to derive sections and views quite comfortably from an intelligent building model. In addition, Allplan enables you to create diverse light and shadow effects for vivid and photo-realistic visualization.

Incidentally: the VOB-compliant quantity takeoff has TÜV certification in Germany.


Allplan is an open architecture software program that can be easily integrated

Allplan as an interdisciplinary platform: Data exchange in Allplan is possible in more than 50 file formats. Furthermore, plans can be comfortably distributed in various formats to planning partners via a web solution.

The simple reuse and editing of models in different Allplan solutions is greatly appreciated by architects, engineers, cost managers and facility managers. The 3D PDF-based documentation enables clear visualization and presentation. 

A direct connection to Cinema 4D and Rhino enables the exchange of model and surface data and supports professional visualization


Allplan uses the latest technology

Even projects with large data volumes are no trouble for Allplan: thanks to an excellent graphic engine, our architecture software optimally exploits the high computing power of modern graphic cards. This also accelerates the composition and editing of images.

The latest web service technologies such as the Allplan Connect service portal or Allplan Exchange support an efficient working method. This is in addition to the calculation of hidden lines in the model, which enable architects to navigate in real time in the hidden line view of their virtual building.


Allplan offers you a graphically appealing user concept

Experience an architecture software program with an intuitively understandable and graphically appealing interface. Allplan was created by designers for designers. Thanks to uniform coloring and the system-wide use of a symbolic language, functions and features can be better understood and selected in a targeted manner.

Allplan provides you with comprehensive and competent support

As a member of our Allplan Serviceplus network, you always work with an up-to-date software system and also efficiently exploit all the options that your software offers. Whether administrators, architects, office managers or managing directors: the trained architects in our support team will answer your questions quickly, extensively and reliably. Our international Allplan Connect service portal enables you to use the know-how of the world-wide Allplan community.

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