Discover a BIM software that lets you develop your ideas freely!

When all elements of a building harmonize perfectly, the effect is a unique work of art. Conceived, planned and built by people following their calling. Passionately, systematically and uncompromisingly. To provide maximum support for this creative process, we have, with the BIM platform Allplan Architecture, created a first-class CAD software. It combines intuitive operation with straightforward data exchange and effective cost planning, among other things. For maximum freedom in the design, planning and creation of buildings.

Allplan offers a full range of options and maximum freedom for your planning

From the initial draft idea, working drawing and detailed design through to construction cost planning, you have a BIM software with a wealth of planning and visualization tools.

Flexible planning alternating between 2D and 3D is also possible with ease: In each project or phase, you can therefore work in the way your personal workflow requires. 

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Allplan Architecture stands for reliable evaluations and derivations

Planning with reliable costs? Traceable, graphical quantity take-off created directly from the model? With Allplan Architecture, you can easily create evaluations for cost calculation, tendering and award from the intelligent building model, and derive sections and views. The powerful visualization tools from Maxon and the Real Time Renderer integrated in Allplan Architecture impress with realistic light and shadow effects. Render functionalities such as the physical sky and ambient occlusion provide a photorealistic visualization with a 3D look, even if the user has no prior knowledge.

Incidentally: the VOB-compliant quantity takeoff has TÜV certification in Germany.




Allplan Architecture is an open BIM solution that can be easily integrated

Allplan as an interdisciplinary platform: Data exchange in Allplan Architecture is possible in more than 50 file formats. Designs in various formats can also be easily distributed to planning partners via a web solution.

The ability to easily use and process a model in different Allplan solutions is highly valued by architects, engineers, cost managers and facility managers. The documentation in 3D-PDFs permits clear visualization and presentation. 

A direct connection to Cinema 4D and Rhino permits the exchange of model and surface data and supports professional visualization


Allplan Architecture uses the latest technology

Even projects with large volumes of data are not a problem for Allplan: Thanks to an excellent graphic kernel, our architecture software makes optimum use of the high computing power of modern graphics boards. This also accelerates the creation and editing of images. Thanks to the Parasolid modeling kernel from Siemens, our CAD program makes optimum use of high computing power and with higher system capacity and lower data volumes, still offers better display quality in the animation window. With innovative tools, Allplan Architecture increases architects’ flexibility in the modeling of amorphous and sculptural forms.

Web service technologies such as the Allplan Connect service portal or Allplan Exchange support an efficient working method. The intuitive direct modification also simplifies your personal workflow and thus makes your day-to-day work easier.


Allplan Architecture offers you a graphically attractive user concept

Experience an architecture software with an intuitive, graphically attractive user interface. Thanks to standardized color coding and consistent icons, functions and properties can be understood more readily and specifically selected.

Allplan Architecture provides you with competent, expert support

As a member of our Allplan Serviceplus network, you always work the latest version and also efficiently exploit all the options of your software.Whether you are an administrator, architect, office manager or executive manager: The qualified architects on our support team will answer your questions promptly, comprehensively and reliably.

With our international service portal Allplan Connect, you can take advantage of the expertise of the global Allplan community.

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