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In this 5-step video series, ALLPLAN experts explain which trends are shaping the future of the construction industry and show in 34 exciting contributions how the latest Allplan solutions solve challenges across the AEC industry. Practical examples from our customers also illustrate how they successfully implement outstanding and demanding construction projects with Allplan.

Stay up to date with the latest innovations in Allplan 2022 with this video series

Modeling, Visualization, Customization

Expand your skills with new time saving design techniques and learn about a range of building themes suitable for all AEC professionals, specifically involved in Architecture, Structural Engineering, Multidisciplinary Design and Residential Buildings.

Advanced Modeling Techniques for Architects & Engineers

Uncover the power of modeling with Allplan to realize your designs and details in the precise way. Ensure, your project documentation, drawings and models are optimized for construction.

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Visualizing and Presenting Projects more Convincingly with Advanced Allplan tools

Understand how to present your projects in more convenient way with advanced visualization and displaying tools to help project stakeholders understand your designs in greater depth.

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The power of Visual Scripting

Get to know more about the application possibilities and potential of Visual Scripting. From automating repetitive tasks and processes to creating PythonParts, increase your efficiency and design quality.

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Further topics:

  • What's New in Allplan 2022
  • Get an Impression of Allplan for Design to Build
  • Advanced Quantity Take-off for Better Project Certainty
  • ESS AX3000 MEP solutions for Allplan


  • From Point Cloud to Building Model
  • Build tomorrow - Allplan Campus
  • Change and Chance in our Cities

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Terrain, Road, Bridges, Reinforcement

In this video series you learn how to improve your competitiveness with new technologies and discover how the latest terrain, road and bridge solutions enhance productivity. Discover a range of building and infrastructure themes suitable for all AEC professionals, specifically involved in Structural Engineering, Civil Engineering, Bridge Engineering, Architecture and Multidisciplinary Design.

Terrain Modeling & Road Design

Are you looking for a fully parametric and easy to use road modeling solution? With the Allplan Road solution we provide an extensive environment for conceptual design down to plan layout creation.

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Easy and Intuitive Design of Precast Girder Bridges with Allplan Bridge

Be more productive with our new specialized modeling approach for precast girder bridges. Let us show you how you can revolutionize your bridge design and modeling workflow.

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Ensuring Quality, Productivity and Profitability in Reinforced Concrete Detailing

Projects are increasingly complex, and modeling and detailing becomes ever more important. See how you can ensure quality, maximize productivity and profitability in your reinforced concrete detailing with Allplan.

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Further topics:

  • AASHTO and Eurocode Design integrated into Bridge BIM Workflow
  • Further news in Allplan Bridge 2022
  • Modeling Steelwork including Connections
  • Customization and Automation for Design to Build


  • Integrate Structural Analysis and Design into BIM workflows
  • The longest construction site in Switzerland

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Buildability, Prefabrication, BIM for Construction

Discover how to take advantage of increasing prefabrication in construction and how to put BIM into practice in this video series covering a range of construction themes suitable for all AEC professionals, specifically tailored for, General Contractors, Precast Fabrication, Rebar Fabrication, Architecture and Engineering Contractors.

How to Benefit from the Prefab trend – with Planbar and Tim

Industry experts predict a great future for prefabrication with annual growth rates exceeding five percent. In this session we will look at the advantages and the typical precast processes and explain the need for dedicated software.

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How to Bring BIM to the Construction site

This video shows how you, as a contractor or builder can achieve cost and time savings as well as higher certainty of buildability by using BIM solutions such as Allplan and Bimplus in the execution phase.

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Optimal design of utilities in road construction

Planning utilities in the road model can be challenging - or quite simple. The video shows how efficiently CDS Bauingenieure AG solved this and other tasks with Allplan in practice.

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Further topics:

  • Building your Future with ALLPLAN Services
  • Planbar 2022 – the Next-Generation Precast Detailing Software
  • How Digital Tools Help Shaping the Future of Prefabrication

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OPEN BIM, Collaboration, ALLPLAN’s Partner ecosystem

Find out in this video series how important OPEN BIM and interdisciplinary collaboration are for your building, infrastructure and construction project success and which solutions ALLPLAN offers for AEC professionals across all disciplines.

The ultimate OPEN BIM collaboration solution for Design to Build

See how Bimplus integration in Allplan opens new ways of effective collaboration based on OPEN BIM standards and workflows.

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Introducing Building Lifecycle Management

Learn more about the concept of Building Lifecycle Management (BLM), the goals, the benefits for the whole construction project, and how to keep the data alive post construction. 

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An AEC Ecosystem and Partnership Platform

The success of BIM is determined by the quality of cross-solution workflows. This video gives an overview over ALLPLAN's platforms, APIs and connected partner solutions.

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Further topics:

  • Systems Integration by Sharing Building Information with Data
  • Introducing Building Lifecycle Intelligence

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ALLPLAN Vision, Strategy, Industry Trends

The following videos explain ALLPLAN's business strategy and present product strategy as well as the highlights of the current version Allplan 2022. Other contributions cover important trends such as Building Lifecycle Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence in the construction industry.

Design to Build – the future with ALLPLAN

ALLPLAN CEO Dr. Detlef Schneider explains ALLPLAN's company strategy, how we answer the latest developments in the AEC industry, and why you need Allplan to deliver more successful projects today and in the future.

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Buildability at its best – Allplan 2022

Kevin Lea, SVP Product Management at ALLPLAN, speaks about Allplan product strategy and gives insights into the new Allplan version and how it delivers unique benefits to AEC professionals.

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Building Lifecycle Intelligence

Viktor Vàrkonyi, CDO, Planning & Design Division, NemetschekGroup, gives an insight into three large-scale projects, and shows how a data driven approach helped them succeed. He discusses the benefits of leveraging intelligence across the entire building lifecycle.

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Building the Future with AI

Don Jacob, Vice President Technology & Innovation, Build & Construction Division, Nemetschek Group reports about the advances in Artificial Intelligence, Machine and Deep Learning methods.

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