"BIM is the ability to persist on the market."

CORE architecture
Dipl.-Arch. ETH | SIA | Architect BDA, Daniel Mondino, Owner
Dipl.-Ing. Architect | BDB Lars Kölln, Owner

"BIM makes information visible."

Stücheli Architekten
Dipl.-Arch. ETH Daniel Zuppiger, Company Management

"BIM is a common ground enabling various professional fields to work together."

Patriarche & Co
Damien Patriarche, Managing Partner


BIMwelt GmbH
Dipl.-Ing. Dirk Hennings, CEO
Dipl.-Ing. Moritz Mombour, General Manager

Holistic planning, efficient working, detailed information.

BIM is the connecting element of the AEC industry and the basis of gaining team results easier and more efficiently. Allplan Architecture has been made with huge experience in digital workflows and cooperation of project participants with most diverse professions.

Whether in the course of modelling, visualisation or communication BIM is the integrated working method for each stage of the planning process, what is getting more and more important for bigger and for smaller offices when dealing with increasingly complex challenges.

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Daniel Mondino, Bob Lars

"How do you see the future of BIM?"

CORE architecture
Dipl.-Arch. ETH | SIA | Architect BDA Daniel Mondino, Owner

”Within the scope of a design project, BIM makes it possible to communicate in a completely different and more effective way with all the project members involved. Thereby, you can for example get a quick overview of the costs, even for different versions of the building. And the good thing about this efficient tool is, that it enables producing better decisions for better solutions in an even shorter span of time, while still maintaining the architect’s creativity.”

How does BIM work as digital working method for the AEC industry?

BIM is the digital working method for the AEC industry. BIM creates additional value by bringing people, processes and tools purposefully together over the entire life cycle of a building. BIM enables in this way an interdisciplinary planning construction and running of buildings via the BIM coordination model.

The basics of this integrated project management are based on profound knowledge of BIM and its defined processes. With BIM software every piece of information is created and reliably recorded. The result: transparency, quality, cost and schedule security.


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  • With the help of BIM every person involved accesses the same, up-to-date information and the time of comparing the planning status is saved
  • With the help of BIM the entire building process and the life cycle of a building is displayed digitally at an early stage and decisions can be made precociously
  • With the help of BIM the building presents itself in its entirety. Thereby, the level of prefabrication can be increased and consequently, the execution time can be shortened

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