Allplan QuickStart

Your introduction to Allplan

Allplan QuickStart allows you a quick entry into Allplan's operating philosophy. Install the QuickStart project data and let us show you the first steps on the way to your 3D building model. Create a compact overview of the creation and various benefits of the model-based planning method.


The QuickStart lessons Engineering

QuickStart Engineering Welcome

> Welcome dialog
> Engineering Chapters Previews:
> Formwork Drawings
> Parametric Reinforcement
> 3D Steel Modelling
> FEM Reinforcement
> Wall Reinforcement
> Organic Reinforcement

What you need to watch the Allplan QuickStart films on your computer:

1. BIM software: To execute, you need Allplan 2019, e.g. as a 30 DAY TEST VERSION (system requirements)

2. Adobe Reader: to display PDF files you need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader DC

3. Project data: the project data is available as Allplan project backup. Included is a little instruction on how you can easily and quickly import these into Allplan along with the wizard file. Allplan QuickStart Project Data 2019

QuickStart lesson 8 - Views and sections: Preparing a formwork drawing and Grid Sections

> Isolating the structure
> Grid system
> Creating views
> Creating sections
> Detailing tools
> Preparing deliverables

QuickStart lesson 9 - Parametric reinforcement: for staircase and foundation using PP and FF components

> Foundation with stairs
> Transversal reinforcement
> Defining the longitudinal bars
> Generating the 3d reinforcement
> Python parts

QuickStart lesson 10 - 3D steel modelling: Inserting steel profiles in small areas where reinforcement is not possible

> Drawing configuration
> 3d steel modelling
> Steel profile import
> Connection modelling
> Modelling openings
> Adding steel data
> Steel positioning

QuickStart Engineering lesson 11 - FEM reinforcement

> Export Project from Allplan to SCIA Engineer
> BIM alignment
> Loads and Combination generation
> Reinforcement Design is SCIA
> Export FEM results to Allplan
> Manual Reinforcement in Allplan
> Automatic Reinforcement in Allplan
> Automatic bending schedule

QuickStart Engineering lesson 12 - wall reinforcement

> PythonParts Wall Corner
> PythonParts Edge Reinforcement
> Mesh Reinforcement
> Reinforcement Detailing
> DWG Export

QuickStart Engineering lesson 13 - complexe concrete shape reinforcement

  • Extrude Bars Along Path
  • Sweep Bars Along Path
  • Span reinforcement
  • Rearrange Marks

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