Hotfix Allplan 2011-0-5


Release Notes


Various messages issued by Quality Reporter have been edited and corrected.

Allplan Update, Data Conversion
When you start Allplan, a message indicates incomplete, automatic updates.
Improved data conversion of symbols.
Scan elements from earlier versions are converted correctly to bitmaps.
Trades of finishing surfaces in rooms are converted correctly from earlier versions to Allplan 2011.
Improved data conversion of smart symbols including variables; variables (V6 and V7) are retained.

Graphics Engine
In Nemetschek fonts 10 and 13, points (punctuation marks and decimal separators) are displayed correctly again.
Text inserted as OLE objects is displayed correctly.
The sequence in which layout elements are displayed in layouts (and thus hide one another) matches the sequence in which they are displayed on screen again.

The “Display outline of preview” option functions correctly in conjunction with great values.
Text is saved correctly in the Options dialog box even if the text uses a character set other than the West European one.


You can correctly measure several areas in succession again; the value in the buffer is deleted completely after each area measured.

Plot Layout
The process of opening layouts in conjunction with complex layout structures has been accelerated.
Patterns in rotated layout elements are displayed correctly again and also exported correctly to PDF format.
Drawing files placed in layouts are displayed correctly after they have been moved (the path details are no longer displayed).
Layout elements with a superordinate line type are printed correctly again, even without RTL.
When the “Color stands for pen” option is active and you use the ‘Export PDF Data’ tool to export data including dimension lines and text created with the same pen, the plotter color assigned to the pen color applies not only to the dimension lines but also to the dimension text.

Bonus Tools

3D Modeling
When you use ‘Point of intersection’ for modifications in elevation view, Allplan determines the correct Z coordinate of this point.


Improved process of matching the roof pitch of an existing roof plane.


For ‘Set Camera Path’, you can enter values that are smaller than -100 m and greater than 100 m again.
For ‘Set Up Lights’, you can enter values that are smaller than -100 m and greater than 100 m again.

Allplan International

Halfen Deha is available for Czech and Slovakian Allplan installations again.