Hotfix Allplan 2015-1-4

Release Notes


We edited and corrected various messages of Quality Reporter, resulting in a more stable Allplan.
We improved the performance of some 32-bit add-on programs running with 64-bit Allplan.
Hotinfo includes correct information on the graphics board and on how the graphics board uses the Graphics Engine.

Uninstalling Allplan 2015 no longer deletes the registry keys of earlier versions you installed in parallel.
We improved the auto-update installation program after a reboot of the computer.

Fileset Selection, Drawing File Selection, Building Structure
Finish specifications of rooms load more quickly in viewports when you open and close the 'Open on a project-specific basis' dialog box without changing anything.
When you maximize the building structure, it stays maximized even if you close and open it again.

When you lock and edit the building structure, the status of structural levels and drawing files stays the same even if you open the tool using the shortcut menu.
Several users can change the names of drawing files in different filesets at the same time.


'Print Preview' tool: the area between the header and footer is used in its entirety when you select 'Export as PDF'.

Using the 'Point' tool, you can place a point on top of any division point created using the shortcut menu.

DWG interface - export: associative views of engineering SmartParts in other drawing files are exported correctly to DWG, regardless of the current drawing file status.
DWG interface - export: we improved the performance of exporting DWG data in conjunction with exchange favorites 2 and 4.
DWG interface - export: diameter symbols in labels are exported correctly to DWG.
DWG interface - export: we reduced the data volume for exporting 3D polylines to DWG. The resulting file size is now the same as that in Allplan 2014 or 2015-0.
DWG interface - import: we improved the import of AutoCAD architectural elements.
DXF/DWG interface - import: you can import AutoCAD hatch patterns from the 'acadiso.pat' file as hatching to Allplan.

DGN interface - export: we improved the export of DGN data from the layout editor to MicroStation V8 format.

bim+ interface - export: we improved the export of Allplan projects with building structures to bim+.
bim+ interface - export: we improved the update of existing Allplan projects in bim+.
bim+ interface - export: diameter data are included when you export reinforcement connected with Allplan Precast.

Sketchup interface - export: surfaces of components with openings are exported to Sketchup.

Bonus Tools

3D Modeling
You can create 3D surfaces from 3D lines.

Bridge and Civil Engineering
'Section Along Curve' tool: we improved the representation of additional sections and hollow blocks, in particular for sections in station points.


When you create a building list of the NEVARIS data type, Allplan creates only one Unicode file ending in xcax.


Associative Views
Fixtures on hidden layers in associative views are visible when you modify the bar placement and make the layers visible again.

Bar Reinforcement
Options - Reinforcement: you can select the concrete strength grade for the standard TS 500.
If you select 'Fan' for the 'Dimension Line, Label' tool, you can see the correct number in placements you copied in the X and Y directions.

Frilo Structural Analyses
When you export beams to Frilo Plate, they are positioned correctly.


Site Plan
We improved the 'Test Control Point' tool for composite elements with clothoids. Allplan now suggests an appropriate default value.


You can switch modules while the 'Set surfaces' - 'Color' palette is open.
When you display a section, finish floors are visible in views of the Animation and Hidden types.
When modifying custom surfaces, you can copy files from Windows Explorer to the open dialog box for selecting files.

You can no longer enter extra-long place names in the 'Surroundings' palette.
You can enter only a correct date in the 'Surroundings' palette.

Viewports of the RealTime render type no longer display the details of the calculation, such as the time it takes to calculate the image and the next step. You can find these details in the form of a progress bar at the bottom of the viewport.
You can select and maximize a viewport of the RealTime render type by double-clicking its title even if a tool is active.
You can close a viewport of the RealTime render type during calculation.

Facility Management

Allfa Sync
We improved the internal BIM interface.

Allplan International

We improved the translation.