Hotfix Allplan 2019-1-2

Release Notes


We edited and corrected various messages of Quality Reporter. As a result, Allplan is now more stable and reliable.

Allplan runs faster due to various means.


When you install the new Allplan version as an automatic update, you can also find the Scalypso plug-in on the “Service” menu in the Services application.


Nemetschek profile catalog

Due to changes in Bimplus, we enhanced and updated the geometries of various symbols.


The height settings of SmartParts with the Bimplus attribute set do not change.


Various PythonParts are easier to program and use.


Allplan Share

When you create an Allplan Share project based on a template with user folders from a workgroup manager project, you no longer have problems downloading this template.

Workgroup Manager

When you open a project by clicking it in the “Recent projects” area on the “Welcome screen”, you also get information about changes made by other users.


The “Import Quantities Data” tool imports attributes even when the “With dialog box for comparing data” option is not selected.

IFC interface

When you export models modeled freely (for example, bridge models created with Allplan Bridge), IFC export applies the “Use maximum precision for polygonization” option to all components.

When you assign an IfcObjectType to an Allplan object, this object will be transferred as a BREP. If the IfcObjectType matches the native Allplan element type, the program ignores the assignment, trying to transfer the element not as a BREP. This prevents loss of quality during IFC export.

We enhanced IFC export of rooms with special surfaces.

The new interface of IFC export provides more BaseQuantities (geometric attributes) for foundations: GrossArea, NetArea, and Perimeter are available for slab foundations; OuterSurfaceArea is available for block foundations and strip foundations.

IFC export transfers special roof shapes in their entirety; you no longer need to split the roofs in advance.

The new interface of IFC export transfers the correct number of symbol fixtures.

The new interface of IFC export transfers room groups as IfcZone.

We enhanced IFC export of certain roofs.

We enhanced IFC export of certain window openings.

We enhanced IFC4 export of certain flush piers.

We enhanced IFC import of certain walls with multilayer finish surfaces from Revit.

We enhanced IFC import of certain window openings.

We enhanced IFC import of certain domed roof-lights.

You can import IfcAnnotations with the new interface.

We enhanced IFC 4 import of bar reinforcement.

DWG interface

DWG export now ignores the “Content of layout element” option in “Show/Hide”, always transferring layout elements.


Allplan is faster to load and select large “general 3D elements”.



You can use “Stretch Entities” to move components by the wall thickness.

Recesses and openings in a slab adapt correctly when you change the height settings of the slab by attaching its top and bottom levels to different reference planes of the building structure.


When you match finish surfaces by using the pipette (“Match”) on the “Finish” tab in the “Room” dialog box of the “Redefine Rooms, Surfaces, Stories” tool, the settings of the check boxes for selecting parameters do not change on the “Room” and “DIN277, Floor Area” tabs.

Views and sections

Due to various means, you can work faster with bar reinforcement in views and sections.

When you use handles to modify the section object, the text height of the section identifier does not change even when you just entered text of a different height.

When you select a different clipping path, the 3D axis grid is correct without you having to update the section.

After you have created a section with the “Place clipping line” option not being selected, Allplan no longer hides all clipping paths when you turn this option on and off repeatedly

Allplan correctly processes spiral reinforcement that was created in views and sections.

When you rotate a section to which you added an axis grid, the axes rotate accordingly.


Bar reinforcement

Allplan is faster to create reinforcement in views and sections.

Allplan is faster to create reinforcement in conjunction with workgroup manager.

You can use the “Stretch Entities” tool to modify placed bars without problem.

You can use the “Stretch Entities” tool to move a partial schema without problem.

When you use the “Stretch Entities” tool to move a schema in a section, Allplan does not change the schema in the model.

Allplan no longer copies the section object when you use direct object modification to rotate a placement.

Allplan correctly creates the schema of certain bars placed in polygon.

When you change the bending pin diameter in the palette, Allplan updates this diameter correctly in the schema.

Allplan is faster to calculate spiral reinforcement and display the results in legends when you select the “Add up individual segments” or “Calculate actual length” option.

You can use the “Properties” palette again to modify a copy of spiral reinforcement.

You can use the “Properties” palette to modify reinforcement created with “Sweep Bars Along Path”.

You can delete and move the entire contents of a drawing file with reinforcement to the clipboard (Ctrl+A) and then paste the contents to the original position (Ctrl+Alt+V) in the same drawing file.

You can use the “Move Bar Display” tool again to move the entire reinforcement; select the reinforcement by using Ctrl+A.

You can use the clipboard to copy and paste bars you just modified by using direct object modification; Allplan no longer displays a message.

You can use the “Copy, Move Elements between Documents” tool to move reinforcement, views, and sections.

The “Copy, Move Elements between Documents” tool is faster to copy reinforcement, views, and sections.

Allplan is faster to move labels of partial schemas.

When you use the “Special Placements” - “Place in Rotation” tool to place bars in views and sections, Allplan places the plan view again in the drawing file with the 3D model of the reinforcing bars.

Allplan correctly places and displays symbols that contain reinforcing bars with a model in views and sections.

Mesh reinforcement

You can use the “Stretch Entities” tool again to modify certain meshes.

Excel lists include the correct mesh length.

You can combine meshes placed individually with and without the “Reinforce with 3D model” option; both meshes are visible in plan view, regardless of this option.

Allplan Bridge

We updated the “Allplan Bridge” plug-in.

Allplan International


Allplan correctly calculates the total length of a bar shape with several segments; schema and partial schema display the same result.


The “Reinforcement schedule - Switzerland” report correctly analyzes custom text in the “Comments” column.

The “Allplan Remote Maintenance” option is available again. You can find this option on the title bar of the Allplan window. Click “?” and select “ALLPLAN on the Web”.

Czech Republic, Slovakia

We enhanced the “Create Excel List” tool for reinforcement elements.


The contact addresses of US support and UK support are up to date.