Technical Whitepaper


Is the successful application of BIM for Bridges reality or wishful thinking?

To check the potential savings due to BIM we investigated in this white paper the issues that cropped up in the planning process of a typical concrete bridge. In addition, a pilot project was used for testing an alternative process with a new software tool. In this way we checked, whether detected problems concerning data conversion and learning phases for the usage of different tools can be avoided by using an approach combining parametric modeling and structural analysis.

The Revolutionary Solution to BIM for Bridge Design

In this whitepaper, we discuss the fundamental requirements of a BIM solution designed for bridges, and how the right BIM solution can overcome the unique challenges that bridge design and construction poses.

Allplan Bridge - A new BIM Tool Tailored for Bridge Engineering

The paper explains the relevant features of the new approach, developing the bridge structure for detailing and analysis purposes in one parametrical model by using appropriate mathematical prescriptions. Specific characteristic of this solution is the combination of an intelligent database and a user interface tailored for engineers.