Clear Path for BIM: ALLPLAN allows Students to enter into Digital Design


• Team project work more flexible than ever with Allplan Share and Allplan Bimplus
• In addition to free software, also numerous BIM learning opportunities for students

Munich, March 27, 2018 - Close collaboration in the early design phases and solution-oriented collaboration are amongst the most important aspects in the management of construction projects. With a free student version - Allplan Student 2018, ALLPLAN offers aspiring architects and civil engineers the opportunity to enter into the world of Building Information Modeling (BIM) without waiting and to work professionally according to this methodology. For the first time, students can also experience the benefits of BIM-based collaboration with Allplan Share and work efficiently on the same Allplan project from different locations, gaining ideal preparation for later professional practice.

“BIM is now globally relevant for the construction industry, but there is a shortage of skilled workers. One thing is for sure: without know-how, there is no BIM. ALLPLAN offers the necessary support for learning the BIM working methodology with software and training. Anyone who has BIM knowledge with practical experience will be a step ahead when it is comprehensively introduced. And this also includes efficient cooperation working within a team”, says Karin Schmidt, Head of International Education at ALLPLAN.

Better Teamwork with Allplan Share

With Allplan Student 2018 in combination with Allplan Share, students can collaborate on one and the same Allplan project from anywhere. Allplan Student 2018 offers the full functional scope for architecture and civil engineering. Allplan Share is based on the BIM platform Allplan Bimplus, the tool for cooperating across disciplines. It is developed specifically for the BIM working method and enables control and monitoring of construction projects throughout the entire life cycle of a building.

CAD Training Sessions and Job Fair

In addition to free software, students can also access numerous learning opportunities, such as tutorials, e-learning libraries and tips and tricks for using Allplan and working with BIM. In cooperation with its sales partners, ALLPLAN offers CAD training at vocational schools and universities.

If you enjoy designing with CAD software, you can also apply as an Allplan coach and teach your fellow students how to use Allplan. Allplan coaches receive regular software training and meet once per year at the International Allplan Coach Summit to enhance their software knowledge and to exchange experiences.

On the job market, students can find internship positions in offices and companies where Allplan knowledge is required. In this way, students with Allplan knowledge are able to gain a foothold in the industry and further benefit from relevant experience.

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