Raise your Level: ALLPLAN at CONSTRUCT IT 2018, Essen, Germany


BIM software Allplan 2018 is the focus of the trade fair appearance

Open BIM platform Allplan Bimplus allows interdisciplinary cooperation

Virtual reality solution for touching and testing


Munich, December 12, 2017 – CONSTRUCT IT in Essen, Germany from 10th to 12th January 2018, focuses on digitization in the construction industry. In line with this theme and under the title “Raise your level” ALLPLAN is presenting its current BIM solutions for architects, structural and civil engineers in hall 1.0 at booth 1F38. Visitors have the opportunity to experience how Allplan 2018 makes cooperation in BIM projects smoother and more reliable than ever before. In addition, the software provider is presenting a virtual reality solution based on the open BIM platform Allplan Bimplus and will be showing how VR technology improves communication between designers and clients.

"With our solutions, we are ensuring that architects and engineers have the innovations available that they need to successfully implement their BIM projects. At Construct IT in Essen, Germany we are showing how BIM-based cooperation already works reliably today with Allplan and how virtual reality creates decisive competitive advantages for our customers," comments Kevin Lea, Senior Vice President of Product Management at ALLPLAN.

Effective Cooperation in BIM Projects

The trade fair appearance is focused on interdisciplinary cooperation with Allplan 2018. With Allplan 2018, all kinds of BIM data, including freeform geometries and reinforcement, can be sent to project partners completely and without any losses. This improves the quality and precision of the BIM model. The optimized IFC4 data export leads to better control over the BIM project and makes the decision-making processes easier with all parties involved in the project.

With the combination of Allplan 2018 and the open BIM platform Allplan Bimplus, users can easily handle the exchange of information in BIM projects. Allplan Bimplus can be used to centrally define attributes which can be used in different systems and disciplines throughout the entire life cycle of a building. This further improves the smooth interaction with other planning software and considerably reduces losses of information.

In addition, visitors can learn more about the new functions in Allplan 2018: from the task and role-based user guidance to the intuitive tools that ensure quick and productive work.

Experience Virtual Reality

The virtual reality solution based on Allplan Bimplus is another trade fair highlight. Visitors can test this out at the booth and experience the advantages with their own eyes. How high is a ceiling, how large are the windows, how do the sunlight and shadows move throughout the entire year, what effects do different materials have or how does a room feel? This information can be communicated much better with virtual reality than with traditional renderings or videos for example. Planning errors are also thus recognized at an earlier stage and can be rectified before even starting the building phase. Since Allplan Bimplus is system-independent, it does not matter what software was used to create the building model.

Additional information: https://info.allplan.com/de/constructit

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