Growing demands from the customer, increased competition, and ever smaller margins are forcing facility managers to be more efficiently than ever. The latest version of Allplan Allfa allows facility managers to work and manage facilities more efficiently, freeing up resources for productive, operative core business.  

Future Proof with Allfa Sync

Bidirectional and alternating data exchange made easy

In the latest version, the FM manager was renamed Allfa Sync and the bidirectional CAD/CAFM interface converted from 32 bit to 64 bit technology. This ensures the interface functionality with the CAD software. Transfer CAD data to the module at the press of a button or replicate changes in Allplan Allfa back to your CAD files in the same way.

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Create Reports on the Web

Web-based reporting and report creation

The new Allfa Web Reporting module allows you to create and design your reports in Allfa Web. All common but also special diagrams, tables, formulas and display features are provided for creating report templates. You can therefore create and manage your data sources and report templates in an entirely web-based manner.

Berichte im Web
Berichte im Web

GFX Viewer with New Functions

Graphic display components for improved viewing

This pioneering viewer based on HTML5 was extended in Allplan Allfa to include the following functions: The screenshot generator creates a screenshot for each room with an automatic function, which you can store directly in Allfa for further use. Thanks to the PDF & Print function, you can now print out your plans in GFX Viewer or create intelligent PDF documents with corresponding layer information. In addition, GFX Viewer allows you to rotate room stamps and legend texts.

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Create database queries easily

Improved display of information and key figures

Thanks to the Allfa Query Builder (AQB), you can formulate a database query by yourself. No special IT knowledge is needed for this and you can assemble components of the query yourself with a few clicks of the mouse. The result is displayed directly in Allplan Allfa. In addition, you can manage the database queries in a clear treeview, enabling you to access Allfa data quickly.


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