Hotfix Allplan 2017-0-1

Release Notes


We edited and corrected various messages of Quality Reporter, producing a more reliable Allplan.

Workgroup online
The 'Open on a Project-Specific Basis' tool opens much faster when you have selected a lot of drawing files.

Converting data
We improved data conversion of certain elements from the "Shell" module to the current version.


Palettes stay where they are when you switch from layout editor to design mode.
Layers set for components no longer change when you create hidden line images.

Creating views and sections using the building structure
When you create new views and sections with the "Update automatically" setting, adjacent edges now behave like those in earlier versions.
When you update new views and sections, line properties now behave like those in earlier versions.
Calculation results of sections update correctly in template projects with predefined but empty drawing files for sections.
Sections derived from the building structure in drawing files open in reference mode are visible even if the drawing file with the model is not open in the building structure.

Allplan displays the correct surfaces for layout elements containing sections created with the "Update automatically" setting.


Roofs, Planes, Sections
You can enter the bottom level of dormers in roof planes independently of the bottom level of the roof plane.

Graphical quantity takeoff using NEVARIS
After graphical quantity calculations, Nevaris deletes the XML files created temporarily.


You can change user-defined Allplan attributes in bim+.
If you want to replace a bim+ model with a new Allplan model you have not yet connected with bim+, you are now prompted to update and revise the model.
You can export PythonParts in a project to bim+.


Bar Reinforcement
When you place reinforcement in associative sections for the first time, Allplan places the reinforcement correctly in the formwork.
The 'Place Bar Shape' tool correctly handles bars you place per meter.

Element info of reinforcing elements displays the mark number in addition to the element name.
The 'Objects' palette lists elements of mesh reinforcement and bar reinforcement with their mark numbers.