Hotfix Allplan 2015-1-2

Release Notes


We edited and corrected various messages of Quality Reporter, resulting in a more stable Allplan.
We improved the display of hidden line images in projects with rotated plan view.
Improved 3D modeling with handles.
When it comes to selecting documents for the 'Old-New-Comparison', you can now choose the fileset structure, too.
You can now use RealTime rendering for models with advanced XRefs in the background.


You can use specific 32-bit add-on programs with 64-bit Allplan.

Building Structure
Clearing and selecting the 'Derived objects' check box does not affect the hierarchic levels on the right side of the building structure.
Workgroup Manager - 'Open on a Project-Specific Basis' - 'Building structure' tab: if another user is currently editing a drawing file you want to open in reference mode, all you need to do is click this drawing file. You no longer have to open the shortcut menu.

Dimension Lines
We improved the 'Stretch Entities' tool for 2D elements with elevation points.
We improved the preview of dimension line properties in conjunction with a black background.

Improved printing with Allplan raster drivers.
When printing several layouts, you can apply the resizing factor to all layouts selected.
When calculating the size of title blocks, Allplan no longer takes into account label styles with overlapping texts; the title block stays where it is.


When importing DWG files with element groups, Allplan assigns a component ID not only to the element group but also to its elements. You can even export the data to IFC.
We improved the layer assignment for exporting layouts to DWG with exchange favorite 2.
When importing DWG files with bitmaps, Allplan detects and imports more bitmap formats.
You can import layouts in DWG format even if the layout name includes spaces.

You can now export openings in user-defined architectural elements to bim+.
Windows and doors get the correct element type during export to bim+.
When updating to bim+, Allplan handles deleted drawing files correctly.

Bonus Tools

Bridge and Civil Engineering
'Section Along Curve': it is easier to match a new element for the clipping path. 
'Bridge, Civil Engineering Component': the icons for selecting the view are positioned correctly.


Rooms, Surfaces, Stories
We sped up calculations of finish specifications in viewports. You will see the 'Fill graphics memory' message only if you work with large volumes of data.
Space Allocation Wizard starts without issuing a message.

Frame Construction: Rafters, Roof Beams, Posts
You can apply the 'Rotate' and 'Stretch Entities' tools to elements created as 'Steel, Timber Elements'.


You can load a favorite while editing a camera path.
You can modify lamps correctly.


Bar Reinforcement
If you select the 'Bar length, mesh length - calculate actual length' and 'Segment lengths - outer dimensions' options in the 'Options' - 'Reinforcement' - 'Label' - 'Schema' area, you can see the actual length in the bar shape palette.
A mark number enclosed in a circle is placed correctly in relation to a dimension line of the comb type.
Allplan creates additional placing regions of area reinforcement with different mark numbers correctly.
Allplan no longer displays a message when you modify the layers of text leaders and texts.
You can copy reinforcement more quickly.
Improved full schemas.
You can always see a preview of the placement label.
Allplan always combines identical bars to a single mark number.
Using 'Shape for each side of polygon', you can modify area reinforcement placed along recesses more easily.

Steel Schedules
You can analyze layers in reports and legends even if some layers are set to hidden.
Modifying general texts no longer affects steel legends.

The 'Optimize working with large coordinates' option does not affect detailing windows.


Digital Terrain Model
Allplan takes the text height from the Text module when labeling contour lines in a digital terrain model.

Allplan International

Improved localized attributes.

Text in the building structure appears in the correct order.