• As versatile as you.

    Discover the most valuable Allplan features.

  • Innovative.

    Because we are driven by a pioneering spirit.

    Prof. Georg Nemetschek, the company’s founder, developed the first graphic planning software in the construction sector. This pioneering spirit continues to be the driving force behind Nemetschek Allplan until today.
    From the time the Nemetschek Allplan engineering office began to work with computers, a revolutionary idea was at the forefront – the shared data model. As a result, the original custom in-house development quickly became established as the industry standard: Allplan became the universal language for architects, engineers, construction companies and facility managers. Today, Allplan is one of the leading CAD platforms for building experts in Europe and comprehensively supports the BIM process. The name Allplan stands for the software and for the 100% subsidiary of the Nemetschek AG.
  • Competent.

    On the same wavelength as experts.

    As a technology group for the planning, construction and usage of buildings, the Nemetschek Group bundles technical know-how in the construction industry like no other provider – on site and at every location.
    Closeness to the market and customer orientation are Allplan’s top priority: In addition to IT specialists, we employ experienced architects, civil engineers and structural designers and are familiar with local requirements thanks to our tight network of sales partners and subsidiaries in various countries. That ensures maximum user benefit in practice. Allplan is currently used in 16 languages by more than 65,000 customers – and serves as the technology platform for certified partner solutions and selected add-on modules.
  • Open.

    For fast, simple data exchange.

    Seamless cooperation of all participants is the first prerequisite for project success. Allplan therefore supports a smooth data exchange in all conventional formats.
    An important prerequisite for a project’s success is seamless cooperation between all those involved: Allplan therefore guarantees a high quality of data far beyond one’s own workstation. More than 50 file formats (from PDF and IFC through to DWG, DXF and DGN) as well as all important interfaces (IFC, STL, SKP and VRML) enable 3D models to be printed out and exchanged in freely accessible programs such as Google SketchUp or GoogleEarth. This also reduces architects’ and engineers’ workload: Allplan helps avoid multiple input and planning errors.
  • Integrated.

    A range of solutions within one system.

    Allplan creates an integrated, solution-oriented environment for architects and engineers, cost planners and facility managers – with no interruptions in the system.
    Allplan creates opportunities thanks to intelligent connections and close cooperations, for example with Nemetschek Scia and Nemetschek Frilo: CAE solutions such as Scia Engineer or Frilo Statics permit round-trip engineering from the Allplan building model to the structural analysis and back. Allplan BCM (cost management) determines the required quantities for cost calculation or tendering directly from the building model. And Allplan Allfa (facility management) supports consistent building lifecycle management through the integration of all occupancy parameters for a building.
  • Creative.

    Unlimited possibilities in 2D, 3D and 4D.

    Allplan tools offer users unlimited design freedom. This begins with the first sketch and continues uninterrupted to the creation of a 3D building model which permits a virtual tour.
    With Allplan, design freedom starts with the first sketch and continues through to a 3D building model that can be virtually toured: The Allplan tools for design, layout and presentation cover all project phases and therefore the complete value chain. SmartParts enable you to create freeform models and creative parametric models. Thanks to the direct connection to CINEMA 4D or Rhino, you can produce high-quality presentations with data that can then be imported back into Allplan.
  • Communicative.

    For a smooth flow of information.

    Day-to-day design work is characterized by coordination at a variety of levels. Allplan simplifies the information flow, from initial presentation of the idea to every detail of the realization phase.
    Allplan supports the information flow between all the parties involved. Intelligent and interactive 3D-PDF documents represent building models and details correctly. Project-related CAD drawings and models, texts, tables or forms are bundled securely and compactly in the digital planning folder and sent to all project partners. Internal communication is made easier too: The Workgroup Manager supports the entire team and manages access options for project data and users.
  • Productive.

    Without interruptions.

    From the initial draft through cost calculation to realization: Allplan provides support when it comes to dealing with daily tasks efficiently, thus enhancing the productivity of every design office.
    Each project presents particular challenges. Allplan optimizes the entire cre- ation process for a building with regard to quality, costs and time: views, sof- fit views, sections, quantities and bending schedules are derived directly from the building model. Changes to the general arrangement or reinforcement are made once and then transferred automatically to all the other plans. Discrepancies and planning errors are detected at an early stage. This results in fewer queries and misunderstandings.
  • Networked.

    To expert knowledge.

    Larger buildings in particular are created today in international project teams. Users can benefit daily from the bundled know-how of the Allplan community via Allplan Connect.
    Via Allplan Connect, you are connected to Nemetschek Allplan experts and Allplan users from around the world. The international service portal provides tailored support with a user forum, download libraries (CAD objects, textures, Smart- Parts), FAQs, technical support and training such as e-learning. There is also an AEC job market. Allplan Connect is the platform for the effective exchange of industry information, expertise and user tips - anywhere, anytime.
  • Fully integrated.

    Across all project phases.

    Nemetschek Allplan’s developers have focused a great deal on the simplified creation of building models. This model is the basis for a highly integrated overall process: Building Information Modeling (BIM).
    The planning, construction and management of buildings today form a seamlessly integrated process within Building Information Modeling (BIM). Allplan stands for a component-based working method across all project phases, from design and execution planning to the calculation of cost and energy requirements through to property management. All information such as floor plans, views, sections, lists, quantities or costs are available to all those involved in the project. This shortens the clarification processes, increases efficiency and adds value for the user.
  • Sustainable.

    On principle and with passion.

    Energy efficiency and sustainability demands characterize every area of the construction industry today. This is another reason why Allplan represents a secure investment in the future.
    Allplan is paving the way for sustainable building and building lifecycle management. The intelligent building model enables the entire lifecycle of a building to be analyzed, even at an early stage of planning. Nemetschek Allplan GmbH, together with competent partners, is also developing solutions to determine the energy requirement of buildings and create energy performance certificates. Just one of many examples that mark Allplan out as a sustainable investment for architects and planners.
  • Excellence.

    In service too.

    Our company regards a focus on customer requirements as perfectly natural – attention which goes far beyond the mere provision of software alone. The result is Serviceplus.
    As Serviceplus customers, Allplan users benefit from a service package that perfectly supplements their software – and automatically provides the most up-to-date version. Via Allplan Connect, users have access to free CAD objects and textures, can share information with other users, use an extensive knowledge database or learn about specific topics thanks to a wide range of e-learning offers – 365 days a year. And for questions or problems, the Nemetschek Allplan experts in Technical Support are there to help you quickly and free of charge.
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