Hotfix Allplan 2011-1-4


Release Notes

General notes

Various messages issued by Quality Reporter have been edited and corrected.
Improved system test when Allplan starts.

Fileset and drawing file selection
‘Open on a project-specific basis’ is faster, even in conjunction with complex building structures.


More stable import of DWG files.

Plot Layout
PDF export of layouts: text direction is retained.


Digital Terrain Model
When sloping areas, point symbols that are not meshed and whose height has changed are taken into account again.
When sloping areas, the height of the first point entered is taken into account again.

Mesh Reinforcement
Graphics engine: when placing single meshes using fixed points, the preview and offset for the overlap are displayed correctly again.

Bar Reinforcement
Stirrup hooks of closed stirrups are displayed correctly when exporting PDF data from the print preview.

3D Area Reinforcement
Support depth of the first edge is taken into account again.

Key Plan
Improved leader for mark with additional text.

Facility Management

Room name and function can be changed after replicating data.

Allplan International

Improved reinforcement schedule 7 (for Switzerland).
Improved Cyrillic dialog boxes.