Hotfix Allplan 2015-0-2

Release Notes


We edited and corrected various messages of Quality Reporter, resulting in a more stable Allplan.


With "Hidden Line Image in Destination Document" you can define surfaces again.

Data Conversion
Openings converted from previous versions which contain a complete wall, are displayed correctly again.

In an "Element Selection" viewport the "Navigation Mode" is set as default and can't be changed. The selection generally is retained even if the selected elements are modified in other viewports.

Workgroup Manager
Changing drawing file status after changes in the building structure under Workgroup Online was improved.
While a new building structure in a new workgroup online project is being created, it is locked for other users.

Pen and color assignment is retained after changing from layout editor (print view) to document editor and to layout editor again.
When you apply a background fill color (color =0) to a text which is the same as the viewport background color (black or white) and you then change the viewport background color to white (or black), then the text's background color is now correctly exported rsp. displayed correctly in layouts.

All instances of Smart Symbols and SmartParts in openings are exported completely to 3D-PDF again.


Basics: Walls, Openings, Components
After having changed the text parameters of "Sill Height", its value is retained.

Rooms, Surfaces, Stories
When you edit a room label using "Edit Text" from the room's shortcut menu, the change is transferred to the room properties again.


Associative Views
Elevation points in associative sections are dimensioned correctly again.
Section objects in associative sections are not displayed and printed in layouts anymore.

Bar Reinforcement
Bars displayed as 16-gon cross-section and special diameters are displayed correctly in animation again.
Bars displayed as square cross-section are displayed correctly in animation and isometric view again.

Key Plan
Mark numbers with custom texts are displayed correctly again after having edited the custom text.


Cadastral Plan for Conduits
After converting the data from V2013 to 2014 the conduit objects are displayed correctly in plan view again.


Improved rendering smart symbols with CineRender.
Elements with custom surfaces in a free NDW file are displayed correctly again in associative views.
Surfaces in animation can be matched from other elements again using the "Match Properties" tool (pipette).

Allplan International

Folder names containing Turkish, Bulgarian, Greek or Russian special characters are installed with correct names.
Setup now prompts a trial license matching the particular country.