Hotfix Allplan 2015-1-1

Release Notes


We edited and corrected various messages of Quality Reporter, resulting in a more stable Allplan.
Allplan 2015-1 starts if you use an ATI graphics board with an older AMD driver.
Note: we strongly recommend that you install a current AMD driver. You can find these drivers at This solution is helpful if you cannot find a current driver for the graphics board installed.


When you opened the building structure, it flickered momentarily. We solved this.

While working with the 'Move' tool, you can close the brackets without quitting the tool.

Plan Layout
Nemetschek raster drivers print the last strip correctly even if you have not selected the 'Auto-rotate' option.

DWG interface: when exporting to DWG format, you can assign patterns again.
DWG interface: the correct layer names are exported to DWG format again.
DGN interface: better data export using seed files.


The 'Smart Window and Door Symbols' tool shows the preview of defined elements again.
In reports, graphics of details are displayed correctly again.
You can modify custom legends correctly again.


You can copy SmartParts more quickly in the engineering modules.

Associate Views
You can move associative views more quickly. The performance corresponds to that of earlier versions.


You can modify the exterior boundary of a digital terrain model not only using the shortcut menu but also using the tool on the Change menu.

Allplan International

Better localized reports.

Better 'Formes de façonnage de la liste de barres, récapitulatif' report.