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Allplan Engineering Civil is the ultimate BIM solution for civil engineers and draftsmen designing bridges and civil projects. Concrete structures with complex geometries, can be fully modeled, reinforced and detailed quickly and efficiently.

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New Features Allplan Engineering 2019

Increase of user-defined roles in the Actionbar

The Actionbar in Allplan Engineering 2019 helps users to easily access the functionality required by their role (Architecture, Engineering, Environment, Drafting, Bridges). It’s also possible to customize the default Actionbar by adding, removing or rearranging functions. Now more than one user-defined role is supported, and configuration becomes more flexible. Roles can be exported, either individually or all together and imported, on the same computer.



Intuitive Levels and Planes

In Allplan Engineering 2019 the level and plane management is optimized and a new Floor Manager palette is introduced. The new palette makes the creation and modification of floors and levels much more convenient. Floors can be selected and names or elevations adjusted easily. Building components such as walls, slabs or columns can now be linked to any polygonized or free-form surface. Extensive direct object modification capabilities ensure efficient workflows under real-world conditions. To reduce further your workload, changes to levels can be automatically reflected in the project structure.

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Optimized Properties Palette

The property palette in Allplan Engineering 2019 allows the management of settings for format, visualization and attributes for building components like walls, slabs, foundations, roofs and rooms. Additional settings can be made with the detailed object and attribute dialogues. With just one click, users get a better overview and modifications can be done faster than before. Furthermore, it’s also possible to modify multiple objects conveniently at the same time.

Allplan Bridge now with Parametric Prestressing Tendons

With the option Allplan Bridge 2019, the parametric modeling capabilities now also cover prestressing tendons. The tendon layout is usually defined in two steps: the first step, the position of tendon points along the axis of the bridge is defined. In the second step, the tendon is positioned in the cross section, relatively to points specifically prepared for the definition of the tendon layout. From this, the complex 3D shape of the prestressing tendon is computed.

Allplan Bridge

Improved teamwork for Architects and Engineers

In Allplan Engineering 2019, new views and sections are now available for reinforcement detailing. With this development, write-access to the building model is no longer required when detailing reinforcement, bringing with it a number of benefits. For example, whilst architects may have write access to all building components, reinforcement detailers can be given write access for the placement of reinforcement only, with read-only access to the building components. This prevents unintentional modifications whilst working on shared models enhancing teamwork across disciplines. With the new views and sections, it’s also possible to copy reinforcement including sections and labeling from one location to others.

Better Overview with improved Object Palette

The Object Palette in Allplan Engineering 2019 allows inspection and change of a large number of objects efficiently. It’s now possible to sort objects according to attributes. Objects with missing, outdated or wrongly assigned attributes can be identified and revised easily, thereby ensuring high-quality building models. It’s also now possible to move objects via Drag&Drop, e.g. from one floor to another.

New Grids

With Allplan Engineering 2019, a new grid with additional functionality is introduced. The user interface is based on palettes so that all properties can be defined and adjusted intuitively. Changes become immediately visible in the model. In addition, handles are offered when creating or modifying a grid.

Multiple Enhancements within PythonParts

With Allplan Engineering 2019, existing PythonParts have been enhanced. For example, the stair now comes with additional handles. It also displays whether threshold values for step length, comfort and safety are observed. The reinforcement layout has also been further optimized. New PythonParts have been added, among others for the efficient reinforcement of door, window and slab openings.



Integration of Steel section library via Allplan Bimplus

To simplify the workflows when using steel profiles, with Allplan Engineering 2019 you can access the international Nemetschek catalogue for steel sections via Allplan Bimplus. They are available in Allplan including geometry and attributes. As the same catalogue is used across multiple Nemetschek products such as Frilo Statics or Scia Engineer this enables smooth data transfer between these products.

Enhancements of the IFC4 interface

IFC is the standard interface for openBIM projects. The latest release of the IFC4 brings further improvements, which are essential for BIM projects like the export of BaseQuantities. With Allplan Engineering 2019 the IFC4 import now also includes bar and mesh reinforcement. In addition, the user interface has been simplified. New options have been introduced, among others to split multilayered elements like walls and roofs into individual elements.

New Features for international project work

With Allplan Engineering 2019 multiple country settings can be installed during setup or added afterwards and country settings can be chosen per project. Furthermore, new national standards for reinforcement detailing have been added for Algeria (DRT-BC2.41-CBA93) and South Africa (SANS 282) and right-to-left writing for Hebraic language is supported.

Download reference models from Allplan Bimplus

In BIM projects, each project participant usually creates their own model. Coordination usually takes place in cloud-based BIM platforms such as Allplan Bimplus. In many cases, it is helpful if the model of a project partner can be stored as a reference model. Allplan 2019-1 supports this procedure, in which models, including attributes, can be downloaded from Allplan Bimplus to Allplan. The objects are stored on a special layer and are thus clearly separated from your own model data. In addition, changes to the reference model and unintentional upload to Allplan Bimplus are excluded.

Technical Preview 2 Visual Scripting

Using scripting languages such as Python, parametric models can be created and workflows automated. This requires a basic knowledge of programming. It is easier with Visual Scripting: Certain elements (nodes) are placed in the desired order on a canvas. A node requires certain input values, processes them or triggers certain actions and delivers output values. The generated values or objects can be input values for further nodes. By the combination of nodes many different tasks can be solved without having to write a single line of program code. This version of Allplan 2019-1 comes with a Technical Preview 2 with an improved user interface, additional nodes and further examples.

Technical preview of point clouds

ALLPLAN has entered into a partnership with the laser scanning specialist Scalypso in order to make a working method based on point clouds accessible to a wide range of users in a simple and practical form. In cooperation with Scalypso, a plug-in for Allplan has been developed and is now available. With the converter included in the plug-in, scan data can be imported in various formats, both from the manufacturer-neutral ASTM E57 format and from the manufacturer-specific formats of Faro, Leica, Riegl, Topcon, Trimble and Zoller+Fröhlich as well as ASCII formats. Selected 3D points can then be transferred to an Allplan project. For more intensive use, Allplan users can purchase an extended version tailored precisely to their needs at a special price. This makes it possible, for example, to automatically calculate horizontal sections from which precise floor plans or building models can be created in a time-saving manner.

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Allplan Engineering Civil is the ultimate BIM solution for civil engineers and draftsmen designing bridges and civil projects. Concrete structures with complex geometries, can be fully modeled, reinforced and detailed quickly and efficiently. Speed up your work:

  • Accurately model intricate shapes
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  • Easily define longitudinal and transverse sections

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