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Integrate Allplan and Twinmotion!
Benefit from 50% off a Twinmotion License!


Integrate Allplan 2023 and Twinmotion!

With the latest release Allplan 2023-1, Allplan users can now integrate with Twinmotion real time visualization software.

As part of this exciting new development and strategic partnership with Epic Games, for Allplan users with Allplan 2023 and Serviceplus or Subscription we can offer a 50% discount off a Twinmotion license*.

What is Twinmotion?

Twinmotion combines a comfortable user interface with the powerful Unreal Engine from Epic Games. Benefits include a realistic display environment, high-quality assets from an object library, storytelling tools for displaying different phases, such as seasons, tree growth, etc., as well as the export of 360-degree videos, panoramas, or the VR mode.

The new Twinmotion Direct Link in Allplan 2023-1 streamlines the data exchange workflow, enabling on-the-fly one-click syncing of Allplan models with Twinmotion in real time.

Courtesy of Twinmotion

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Allplan users with Allplan 2023 and Serviceplus, or with Allplan 2023 on Subscription are eligible for this promotion.

A 50% off discount code is supplied to eligible users to use directly in the Twinmotion shop and apply upon their purchase of Twinmotion.

In order to take advantage of the Twinmotion promotion, follow these steps: