Adjust Allplan to individual working method with PythonParts


With the new Allplan Python interface, Allplan users can add new functions and objects to Allplan and therefore adjust the BIM software to their own working method. In addition to parametric objects and variants, recurring work steps can be automated. The new interface gives the possibility to create PythonParts yourself, offer the scripting of PythonParts as a service to third parties or access a library with different PythonParts in the future.

  • What must I do to be able to use Python?
  • Which development environment is recommended?
  • How do I script my first PythonPart?

Please find detailed instructions here:

>> First steps: Python API

Why do we use Python as the programming language?

Python is a modern, object-oriented programming language. It is easy to learn and is characterized by an easy-to-read, compact code. Nevertheless, Python is also suitable for successfully achieving challenging tasks. It is easy to use, because Python scripts can be interpreted and changed at any time. Python is extremely popular for algorithmic 3D modeling, so various libraries and examples are also available.


What is possible with Allplan PythonParts?

In addition to the script language, Allplan PythonParts offer numerous fundamental improvements. For freeform objects (NURBS), you can use the new Parasolid 3D modeling functions. Interactions between individual PythonParts and between PythonParts and other Allplan objects are also possible. With PythonParts, the scripting of reinforcements is far more efficient. With the help of the Reinforcement Shape Builder, you can automatically generate bending shapes using shell edges and concrete cover.

API documentation

How do I script 3D solids and reinforcements, user interface and work processes? Documentation for all functions that can be addressed with Python can be found here.

>> Documentation

How-to instructions

Do you want to know how to define a PythonPart file or how to migrate from SmartPart to PythonPart? You can find more information here.

>> Instructions

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