Examples of Allplan Allfa and its success stories.

Frankfurt Höchst Clinic

Archieving the passive house standard with bim

A modern hospital with short and transparent routes is being built in Frankfurt in the form of the new Frankfurt Höchst Clinic. It will be a sustainable building – in terms of both the organizational concept and energy concept. The demand by the City of Frankfurt, sponsor of the Frankfurt Höchst clinic, to plan and build the new hospital to the passive house standard was the reason wörner traxler richter switched from traditional planning to the Building Information Modeling (BIM) planning method.

The challenge:

The hospital is the first in Europe to comply with the requirements of the passive house standard – this was one of the main demands stipulated by the City of Frankfurt. The requirement was a challenge even for an established firm such as wörner traxler richter.

The solution:

To design the Frankfurt Höchst hospital based on the passive house standard, wörner traxler richter switched its work method over to BIM. The Planners used the Allplan Architecture solution to exchange data bidirectionally with the Allplan Allfa CAFM system.

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Federal Ministry of Finance

The BMF is banking on one card

Every German citizen is familiar with the Federal Ministry of Finance (BMF) and yet probably no other government authority has recently been subject of more public interest than the BMF. But the place that deals with the national budgets, issues relating to the global financial markets and the Eurozone also
has to face considerable challenges relating to organizational procedures. One of these in the recent past was the implementation of an electronic employment ID card on the basis of Allplan Allfa – with the aim of achieving maximum security and extensive process optimization.

The challenge:

Merging of three systems (employment ID card, access control and canteen use) into one system, connected to a powerful database and acceptance of the system by the BMF employees.

The solution:

With the help of Allplan, introduction of the electronic employment ID card was fast and smooth. The new system based on Allplan Allfa is very powerful, but also extremely stable.

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Kreissparkasse Ludwigsburg

Seeing clearly through the data jungle with ALLPLAN ALLFA

The numbers speak for themselves: A balance sheet total of more than 9 billion euros, customer deposits of more than 6 million euros, a credit volume of over 4.6 billion euros, and almost 740,000 accounts. Kreissparkasse Ludwigsburg is not just the market leader in its field of business, but is also one of the largest district savings banks in Germany. With more than 100 branches, it has the densest banking branch network in the Ludwigsburg district. To manage these efficiently and smoothly, Kreissparkasse Ludwigsburg decided on the Allplan Allfa facility management solution from Allplan.

The challenge:

Changeover from paper-based to electronic real estate management and Provision of building data from different sources on a consistent basis.

The solution:

Kreissparkasse Ludwigsburg therefore went on the search for a facility management solution that would enable all building information to be captured and evaluated consistently in one database. The bank chose the CAFM software Allplan Allfa from Allplan.

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