Hotfix Allplan 2011-0-1

Release Notes


Various messages issued by Quality Reporter have been edited and corrected
Improved text in Croatian version

Options are displayed in the currently selected language even when you use a trial license

Data Conversion
Bitmaps from V2009 are converted correctly to V2011 even if the background is black

Detailing windows with "Cut" set to on and normal display: when you move an element, the original element is no longer displayed in the preview
Dimension text in detailing windows with "Cut" set to on and normal display are placed correctly when you convert data from V2009 to V2011

Style areas of specific geometry are displayed correctly
Improved display of pattern lines when intersection option is set to miter

Modifying and changing long paragraph text has been accelerated considerably

Plot Layout
Switching from design view to color plot preview has been accelerated considerably
Size of layout sheet set by plotter is recognized and processed correctly by Allplan
Irregularities when using PDF export to export layouts with smart symbols in detailing windows from the print preview have been corrected
Superordinate line types no longer affect hatching lines


Improved hidden line images of curved walls

Building Structure - Plane Model
Objects derived from building structure: the drawing file names are retained when you update the calculation results
Objects derived from building structure: correct updates with locked views and sections

Roof frame with slope: input options are displayed in their entirety

Walls, Openings, Components
Column parameters are matched correctly using the right mouse button

Elevation specifications in formulas of label styles are analyzed correctly as absolute heights in V2011
IBD tools analyze roofs correctly


The undo option is no longer available in source drawing files


Bar Reinforcement (palette)
Place bar shape: irregularities after input of concrete cover have been corrected

When you place rotated fixtures with a 2D foil for the plan view and a 3D element for any view, the plan view is displayed correctly