Hotfix Allplan 2011-0-3

Release Notes


Various messages issued by Quality Reporter have been edited and corrected.

Allplan Update, Data Conversion
Improved data conversion of window favorites containing smart symbols from earlier versions to Allplan 2011.
Upgrading to Allplan 2011 adjusts remaining data from V2007 and earlier versions.
Notes added to filesets are converted correctly to Allplan 2011.
Object attributes (V6 and V7) of smart symbols from earlier versions are converted correctly.

Workgroup Manager
Configuration: users with administration privileges can be set up correctly again.

Graphics Engine
Correct display of specific patterns
Vertical text and pen thickness embedded in Excel tables are displayed correctly in the color plot preview.
Display problems of specific drawing files with reinforcement and symbol data solved
Improved display of complex pattern lines as splines or with intersection set to joint if hardware acceleration is not set to 'Best results' or 'Perfect' in the Options.
Projects with reinforcement schedules from V2009: after data conversion the reinforcement schedules are available in Allplan 2011 again.


Print output and display on screen of pattern lines "with direction" match again.

Advanced Draft
Problems that might have occurred when you moved point symbols with text from earlier versions have been solved.
File interface: user-specific change of code assignment correct again.

Dimension Lines
'Change Ref Points' applied to dim. lines placed at an angle: you can select the reference points as you need.

Plot Layout
Layouts containing several overlapping detailing windows ('Cut' on) are displayed correctly.
Plotting with simultaneous archiving in PDF format has been accelerated considerably.
Allplan colors and plotter colors are assigned based on pens again.
Improved PDF export of door swing symbols from Print Preview

Bonus Tools

Objects, Smart Symbols
Improved PDF export of smart symbols containing arcs and curves.


Key Plan
Leaders created in the Text module can be used in key plans again.

Allplan International

Trades added to Romanian version.
Bulgarian translation of polyline entry corrected.