Hotfix Allplan 2011-1-1

Release Notes

General notes

Various messages issued by Quality Reporter have been edited and corrected.

Data Conversion
Improved conversion of filesets without detailing windows and notes from V2009 to V2011-1

Graphics Engine
Bar reinforcement: straight bars can be snapped again and their length is displayed correctly.

Selection of filesets and drawing files
‘Open on a project-specific basis’ works faster in conjunction with the building structure and Workgroup Manager.

Building structure, plane model
Views can be generated correctly in the building structure.

Text in selection boxes is retained.
The ‘bspbruns’ plant catalog can be selected again.


Plot Layout
Improved process of saving layouts when switching from Windows drivers to Nemetschek drivers
Raster drivers plot resized layouts correctly again.
Raster drivers can be used in GDI mode again.

Bonus Tools

Smart Symbols
The ‘elements’ option is taken into account correctly when placing smart symbols.

Object Manager
When assigning object attributes, specific special characters can be used for text1-5 again.


Bar Reinforcement
Group numbers are assigned correctly in bar reinforcement drawing files again.

Allplan International

Improvements to the Polish Allplan version in conjunction with specific FF components