Hotfix Allplan 2012-0-1

Release Notes

General notes

Various messages issued by Quality Reporter have been edited and corrected.
The crosshairs are retained when you open the print preview, zoom in and then switch to another drawing file.
The “Allplan Connect, updated content” icon is displayed in Allplan again. It indicates that new data is available in Allplan Connect.

In a workgroup environment, it is not only the sysadm but any authorized user of a project who can save Allplan data.


Improved import of SketchUp data.

Plot Layout
PDF export: centers of round columns that have been modified no longer appear in PDF documents.


Walls, Openings, Components
You can change the cross-sectional shape of strip foundations and downstand beams again.
Room association of smart symbols has been improved.


Automatic area reinforcement is created correctly in conjunction with several openings.


AX 3000 Energy Indicator
The energy indicator also starts when you open new projects for the first time.

Allfa FM Manager

Labels update faster.

Allplan International

The Russian dialog boxes for area reinforcement have been improved.
BAMTEC area reinforcement is created correctly in localized versions.
Improved export of Interlis data from the Cadastral Plan module.
Romanian reports have been updated.