Hotfix Allplan 2013-0-1

Release Notes


After thorough testing we approved the installation of Allplan 2013 and NemSLock Server for Windows 8.
Various messages issued by Quality Reporter have been edited and corrected.

Installation, Licensing
The list of unsupported graphics cards was updated and adjusted to Windows 8.

Custom hatching and patterns from earlier versions are displayed correctly in sections.



The size of text in layout legends is transferred correctly to DWG format.
When you export data in an exploded manner to DWG format, the layers of the elements are retained again.
The process of exporting layouts in an exploded manner to DWG format was improved as follows:
- The process of exporting is now calculated with double precision.
- You can hide the hatching in "Advanced Settings" again.
- The process of exporting takes into account the clipping area again.
- All line types are transferred correctly again.
- The dimension text of associative views, reinforcement labels and legend text are only transferred within the clipping area of the page or within the printable area (using e.g. exchange favorite 01).
- The layers of architectural data in associative views with hidden line images and conversion to 3D are placed on the DEFAULT layer (as with PDF export).

Sketchup interface: timeout no longer terminates export or import of large volumes of data.
The Sketchup interface is also available in conjunction with 64-bit operating systems.
Note: In order to put this improvement into effect, you have to install the full installation package as an update, upgrade or new installation. With the present hotfix or Allplan's automatic update functionality, this improvement will not be achieved. You can download the full installation package from Allplan Connect - SERVICE - DOWNLOADS.

Dimension Lines
You can match the parameters of an existing dimension line using the pipette even if several drawing files are open.

Smart Symbols
Smart symbols can be defined with height settings again.


The labeling of the wall wizard that comes with the program was improved in all languages.
IBD CAD Planning Data: wall units type 1- 3 are placed at the correct height again.

When you use the "Report" tool after a new installation, you can also open report folders that only contain subfolders.
Drawing files linked by associative views are analyzed correctly again.


Bar Reinforcement
Bar Shape: open stirrups expand correctly when they are placed in components with an open end.

FF Reinforcement
When you create FF components in 3D elements, the edge-based placements are displayed as a preview during automatic labeling with the dimension line type being set to dimension line.

Modifications to graphics in reports no longer affect bar labels.

Allplan International

French mesh legends are available.

Layers can be used in a project-specific manner again.
Updated version of various smart symbols and reports.

Revised and improved versions of the "Mesh cutting diagram - Switzerland.rdlc" and "Reinforcement schedule - Switzerland.rdlc" reports
Updated version of the French "Reinforcement schedule - Switzerland.rdlc" report

Report folders can be opened after a new installation.

You can select materials for architectural elements from special nemava catalogs again.