Hotfix Allplan 2013-1-1

Release Notes


Editing and correcting various messages issued by Quality Reporter led to a more stable Allplan.


The Allplan 2013-1-1 architecture export with the IFC interface was certified by buildingSMART based on the 'IFC 2x3 ISO/PAS 16739' standard.


The elements selected using the brackets are retained in conjunction with the 'Selection Option for Ambiguous Elements'.

The perimeter is displayed correctly when you measure areas. The perimeter has been included in area measurements since V2013-1.
The island detection feature of outline auto-detect no longer takes into account elements on hidden and frozen layers.
Normal and expanded fills (with gradients and transparency) can be merged again using 'Merge Surface Elements, Archit. Elements'.
The summation symbol does not disappear when you point to a fill in conjunction with 'Merge Surface Elements, Archit. Elements'.

Now you can use seed files when exporting data to DGN.

Drawing files with XRefs can be exported in exploded mode to DWG.
The text size in layout legends is exported correctly to DWG.

PDF Export
The pattern for thermal insulations is exported correctly to PDF.
Bitmap areas with hidden pixels are exported correctly when the user name includes special characters and umlauts.

Plot Layout
The printable area is displayed correctly after you have opened a layout whose plotter and page settings differ from those of the previous layout.
Pattern lines with superordinate color settings are displayed correctly in PDF files and printouts.
Plotter settings can be defined again when a raster driver is selected for output.
The interaction between layout elements with superordinate color settings and plot profiles with black lines is the same as in V2013-0; in response to repeated requests, the changes in V2013-1 were undone.
The adjustments you make in the settings of printers and plotters are saved in the print settings of Allplan layouts again.
When running a 32-bit installation of Allplan 2013-1, you can now create a new index in the layout attributes.
AttributeManager.exe can be used again.

Bonus Tools

Smart Fit
Outline auto-detect can be used to fit elements to an outline.


Associative Views
There is no message when you delete elements, such as columns or reinforcement, in drawing files containing associative views.

Mesh Reinforcement
Modified bent-up meshes are displayed correctly in the 'Mesh Cutting Diagram' legend.
Meshes modified using the layer factor are analyzed correctly by the 'Mesh Cutting Diagram' report and legend.

Allplan International

The program starts without issuing any messages.
Updated reinforcement reports are available for all languages.

Localized symbol names were updated in the advanced symbol files.
Note: In order to put this improvement into effect, you have to install the full installation package as an update, upgrade or new installation. With the present hotfix or Allplan's automatic update functionality, this improvement will not be achieved. You can download the full installation package from Allplan Connect - SUPPORT - DOWNLOADS.

BCM attributes are analyzed correctly by the 'Quantités.rdlc' report.

Corrected attribute files are available.

Corrected attribute files are available.

Expanded legends are available.

Corrected attribute files are available.

Reports return the correct units.

BCM and quantities data are exported correctly.

There is no message when you specify the area type of a story according to the SIA standard.
Marks of different length are listed correctly in the reinforcement report for Switzerland.

Corrected attribute files are available.