Hotfix Allplan 2013-1-2

Release Notes


When you copy layouts and drawing files, the internal ID is updated again.


Measurement results of 3D areas with more than five decimal places can be placed in the drawing file again.

When you export data in an exploded manner to AutoCAD, the labels of elevation points are retained as text.
Projects from earlier versions are exported correctly to IFC.

Plot Layout
Plot Layouts tool: the Output tab shows the Windows printer properties again.
Opaque objects with an internally defined transparency group are exported correctly to PDF-A.
When you use a custom PDF printer, the connecting lines between fills are no longer displayed.


The attribute file in the STD folder is correctly loaded again.


Area Reinforcement
Area reinforcement without a model is processed correctly when you change the label type.

Bar Reinforcement
Identical marks of reinforcing bars and meshes are now grouped by diameter, length, bending shape and steel grade in reports.

When separating BAMTEC carpets with multi-digit mark numbers, the carpet number is correctly created again.


Movies and sun studies can be recorded as AVI movies using all rendering methods. The same applies when you run an AVI movie.

Allplan International

Adjusted engineering reports are available for English, Austria, France and Czech Republic.

The context toolbar for the polyline is correctly displayed again.
The buttons in the article selection dialog box are correctly positioned again.

When saving symbols or smart symbols, you are prompted to specify the snoop functionality again.

New legends for meshes are available.