Hotfix Allplan 2013-1-4

Release Notes


Editing and correcting various messages issued by Quality Reporter led to a more stable Allplan.
New NVIDIA graphics card drivers are installed correctly in conjunction with specific hardware.
File permissions are checked more quickly when you upgrade on a network. Note: this improvement only applies when you use the full Allplan 2013-1-4 version for the upgrade.

Allplan Exchange
All languages in Allplan Exchange use the YYYY-MM-DD date format, facilitating international data exchange.
The program issues a message when it cancels the upload process of a file due to missing hard disk space.
"AllplanExchange_FormatSettings.xml" is adjusted whenever you insert new formats, keeping the file size to a minimum.


Now you can import specific IFC files with vectors outside the permitted range.
Files used in a workgroup environment are locked for IFC export; a corresponding message is issued.

Plot Layout
Changing the printer properties in the "Plot Layouts" tool no longer affects the default setting for the document size in the Windows printer properties.
Switching between color and black/white printers is saved correctly in the file with the default values for plotting.
Arcs with large radii print correctly.


Smart Symbol
Custom smart symbols created in earlier versions can be moved in the z direction when you use "Select Elements Intersected by Selection Window Only".

When you modify a stair using the "Stair Wizard", the rise number is no longer reduced automatically.

FM Manager
Changing the symbol for the door swing no longer affects the link between the smart symbol and the FM object.


Multiple drawing files included in reinforcement reports are loaded correctly.
The height of bending shape text is displayed correctly in the "Reinforcement schedule - bending shapes" report.

Allplan International

You can assign the 'TF' occupancy type to new rooms.