Hotfix Allplan 2013-1-5

Release Notes


Editing and correcting various messages issued by Quality Reporter led to a more stable Allplan.
Softlock License Manager can be installed on Windows 8 x64 again (with all current patches). Note: this improvement only applies when you use the Allplan 2013-1-5 installation package.


The assignment of empty drawing files to a fileset is retained again when you insert a drawing file using 'Import Drawing Files and Layouts with Resources to Project'.
You can use the new domain names to log in to the Allplan websites on the Web palette; it is possible to log in straight from the palette again.

Dimension text and elevation points are given the text size appropriate to the reference scale when they are exploded before being exported to AutoCAD.

Plot Layouts
All the settings in the Windows Print dialog box are saved and used for printing.
The setting of user-defined formats in the Windows Print dialog box is transferred to the 'Output' tab of the 'Plot Layouts' dialog box and used for plotting.
The color-pen assignment is retained during plotting even if Windows Search Service accesses the file with the default values.
Analyses of layouts using the 'Layout contents' reports no longer affect the drawing file assignment of the current fileset.


Rooms, Surfaces, Stories
The factor in the 'Redefine Rooms, Surfaces, Stories' tool is preset to 1.0 again.


Mesh Reinforcement
Mesh cutting diagrams are optimized correctly again.

Allplan International

Improved reinforcement reports.