Hotfix Allplan 2014-0-2

Release Notes


With Hotfix 2014-0-2, Allplan 2014 is approved for Windows 8.1.
Note: after having updated to Windows 8.1, you need to restore the function controlling licensing in Allplan. Please refer to the "Windows 8.1 Update" FAQ issued by Technical Support. You can find this FAQ in Allplan Connect. Please take this into account when planning the upgrade.

Auto-update: the list of updates has been set to Unicode.
Editing and correcting various messages issued by Quality Reporter led to a more stable Allplan.


Project admin has been improved.

The radius for snapping to points has been corrected in conjunction with the "Stretch Entities" tool.
You can drop a perpendicular to the extension of an element again.


Improved COM interface to CADICS.

Advanced import of DWG files has been improved.

bim+ interface: improved export and import of 3D objects.
The correct color is used to import Allplan data to bim+.


Walls, Openings, Components
Using the "Rasterize length" option, you can insert window openings in walls again.


Bar Reinforcement
The process of selecting all reinforcing elements in a drawing file has been sped up.
The entry of freeform shapes is completed correctly even if you press the ESC key more often than necessary.