Hotfix Allplan 2014-1-2

Release Notes


We edited and corrected various messages of Quality Reporter, resulting in a more stable Allplan.
When you upgrade installations with Workgroup Manager, the program checks whether computers on the network are still running.
The project angle for rotated plan view (in the project properties) is saved with nine decimal places.


The area detection tool correctly handles parts of fills with gradients.
We optimized the tolerance for the area detection tool.
Objects you are moving or inserting are always displayed in the preview with the crosshairs even if you have switched OpenGL off.

If several users are working in a workgroup, the building structure updates correctly.

Layout Editor
The 'Open on a Project-Specific Basis: Layouts' tool shows correct messages.
You can define your own layout border types again.
When you change the properties of the layout border (for example, colors), the program saves the new properties. The next time you define a layout border, the program proposes these properties.


NallCOM Interface
You can access the NallCom interface straight from Microsoft Excel again.
Better component filter in NallCom interface.

DWG Import
Reference points of MINSERT blocks are adjusted correctly.
Fills are positioned correctly.

iTWO Export
All the attributes of a wall are transferred.


CAD-TAI interface
Allplan BCM reports correctly analyze the second layer of finish specifications.


'Reinforcement - overview.rdlc' report analyzes reinforcing bars with a diameter of 6 mm again.

Cadastral Plan
Conduit objects are visible in 2D again.

Allplan International

Better Allplan BCM reports.