Hotfix Allplan 2014-1-4

Release Notes


We edited and corrected various messages of Quality Reporter, resulting in a more stable Allplan.


'Area detection' no longer finds elements in construction line format you hid using 'Show/Hide'.
The 'Divide Element' tool snaps to points again.

You can place filesets with detailing windows correctly in layouts if you work with projects you converted from an earlier version.
Using CTRL+A, you can select all layouts without any problems.

We improved DWG import.


You can see the crosshairs when you modify the geometry in a smart symbol foil.
We improved label styles: pen and line type do not change when you replace label styles.
You can no longer use the 'Attributes' button to overwrite the Allright_Component_ID attribute in the properties of surface objects. In order to create reports, you can now find this attribute in the 'Special Architecture' category.


You can use 'Move' to change shell entities within a view again.
We improved the 'Reinforcement schedule - bending shapes' report.
You can see the crosshairs when you modify bending shapes in the 'Reinforcement schedule - bending shapes' report.