Hotfix Allplan 2015-0-3

Release Notes


We edited and corrected various messages of Quality Reporter, resulting in a more stable Allplan.
The "First Steps" link on the Welcome Screen opens the updated Quickstart Tutorial.
Quality Reporter was improved.
You can import large layer structures (*.dat) again.

Data Conversion
One of the messages you can see when you convert layouts works correctly again.

Layouts with XRefs embedded in drawing files open more quickly.

New Project, Open Project
When you switch the layer structures from Office to Project while creating or modifying a project, Allplan behaves as in the previous version 2013: it also copies the external layers to the project.
Allplan no longer issues a message when you switch projects while the Library palette is open, showing your own symbols.

Allplan Exchange exports layouts with openings in associative views correctly to PDF format.

Workgroup manager
If write permission is set to "All", normal users can change the user-defined attributes of a layout by selecting "Properties" on the shortcut menu of the layout.

Online help
Better full-text search in the help: you can now look for several terms. Open the online help to benefit from this improved feature.


Better island detection when you work with area detection.

Layouts with associative views are immediately displayed in their entirety when you switch layouts.
Elements protruding beyond the layout border are cut correctly during printing.
Labels with TrueType fonts appear correctly when you use vector drivers and a resizing factor of 50 % for printing.


Rooms, Surfaces, Stories
Allplan measures openings <= 0.5m³ in reinforced concrete foundations correctly in compliance with VOB


Bar Reinforcement
The "Apply background fill" setting in the Text module no longer affects dimension text in associative legends.

Associative Views
When you modify an associative section using "Modify View and Section Properties", the clipping path is retained in other views if the "Display Section object (as construction lines)" option is not active.
Elevation points in associative sections are dimensioned correctly again.


'Set Camera Path': you can move cameras again.
After having changed format properties or surfaces, you can delete 3D objects in associative views in custom NDW files again.
Viewports of the Animation view type now display the "Rooms - Calculate vertical surfaces only at adjacent components" option correctly.

Allplan International

Better translations for the drawing symbol regulations library.