Hotfix Allplan 2015-1-11

Release Notes

Important note:

It might happen that auto-update of the Allplan 2015-1-11 hotfix aborts with a message. So that you can automatically install this hotfix and the future ones, you must update the "InstallAULService" installation service.

You have the following options to install the Allplan 2015-1-11 hotfix:

  • Download the Allplan 2015-1-11 hotfix or the whole Allplan 2015-1-11 installation package from the DOWNLOAD area of our service portal Allplan Connect. By installing the data downloaded, you automatically update the "InstallAULService" installation service.


We edited and corrected various messages of Quality Reporter, resulting in a more stable Allplan.

Workgroup Online
You can use Allplan Workgroup Online with the current FileZilla version (0.9.43 and later).


Allplan assigns the layers correctly when you export a layout to DWG format using exchange favorite 2.
CADICS is now faster to process large element groups imported from Allplan.


Rooms, Surfaces, Stories
A room label consisting of a label style with independent foils including design entities and fills will be moved together with the room when the reference scale that was used to place the label style is active.