Hotfix Allplan 2015-1-5

Release Notes


We edited and corrected various messages of Quality Reporter, resulting in a more stable Allplan.
Allplan supports path names with dots again. Consequently, computer names of NetDrive and so on can be used as they are.
ProjectPilot starts more quickly if you are logged in to Connect over the palette.

Setup, Licensing
NemSLock License Manager: you can register student licenses again.

You can open the building structure of a project even if this project is in use under Workgroup Manager.


You can import DWG files with multileaders into Allplan again. Allplan does not explode the multileaders.
Allplan always imports patterns in DWG files correctly.

When printing multiple layouts, you can apply the 'resize pen thickness' option - like the resizing factor - to all selected layouts.
Allplan no longer changes the pen and color assignments of a layout when you adjust settings in the layout attribute manager.
When you change the pen assignment of a layout and then select this layout in ProjectPilot, the modified pen assignment is retained.
The 'Edit Drawing Files' tool is available even if the 'Show fileset structure' option is not selected in the 'Settings' of 'Open on a Project-Specific Basis'.
Improved print preview.


Associative Views
The "Stretch Entities" tool moves associative views correctly.
Allplan issues a message, making sure you do not inadvertently exceed the maximum number of referenced associative views and sections.
Allplan labels segments correctly in schemas after you have modified an associative view using the Resize tool on the Edit menu.
When you refresh the screen after having switched layers or wizards, Allplan updates large associative views and sections of complex models more quickly.
Associative views and sections update much more quickly when you copy 3D elements.

Bar Reinforcement
Like the "Place" tool, the "Place Bar Shape" tool creates a placement you define outside the section object in an associative section in the model view. It is not created in the section.
When you move bars in an associative view, the preview displays everything correctly.
You can create dimension lines in any axis position for placements in rotation.

Key Plan
You can add text leaders to key plan elements later.

Facility Management

Allfa Sync
Allfa Sync database and Allplan close in the right order.


Site Plan
We corrected the reference point of point symbol number 55 'Gauge, destination point'.


Textures in file formats not supported by Cinerender 14 are simply converted to valid formats before rendering starts,
You can make only one camera path 'active'; the Page Up and Page Down keys select the previous or next camera position of the current camera path.
Default planes you change in the 'Floor Manager' immediately update in viewports of the 'Animation' view type.

Allplan International

Improved toolbar for entering polylines.

Updated cross-section catalogs are available again.