Hotfix Allplan 2015-1-7

Release Notes


We edited and corrected various messages of Quality Reporter, resulting in a more stable Allplan.
The '?' menu - 'Nemetschek on the Web' includes the new web addresses .

Allplan checks the names of SmartParts for illegal characters during entry.

Workgroup online
Online projects you create using the 'Services' application - 'Administer projects and computers' get the correct Allplan version number.


While a modification tool is active, you can select the last text you created by clicking the right mouse button twice.

Print Preview
You can turn the page contents again.
Text with the 'Apply background fill' option is displayed correctly when the 'Background color of viewport' is set to black.

Allplan adjusts dimension lines with illegal arrowheads during import, allowing you to zoom in on such data or to create PDF files.

DGN interface
When you use a Seed file for export to DGN, Allplan transfers the colors according to the MicroStation color table.
We improved the export of dimension strings to DGN.
We improved the export of hatching to DGN with a Seed file.

bim+ interface
Floors and vertical surfaces are also exported to bim+.
We improved the export of 3D elements to bim+.
We improved the export of roof planes and roof covering. Allplan now exports roof elements with the correct structure.
Allplan supports revisions when you export data to bim+.
Allplan always exports the element geometry correctly to bim+.
We improved the export of vertical surfaces, floors and ceilings with surfaces to bim+.


Walls, Openings, Components
The 'Dimension Walls' dialog box - 'Dimension Block' tab and 'Elevation Point' dialog box display correct illustrations.
The current drawing file includes smart symbols and SmartParts in windows you copied from a reference drawing file by double-clicking a window with the right mouse button.


Bar Reinforcement
Allplan no longer issues a message when you repeatedly undo elements created with 'Dimension Line, Label'.
When rearranging, Allplan correctly combines mirrored marks of spacers.

Associative Views
The 'Remove from View' tool applies to active drawing files only.