Hotfix Allplan 2015-1-8

Release Notes


We edited and corrected various messages of Quality Reporter, resulting in a more stable Allplan.
Workgroup environment: we improved data conversion of projects from earlier versions with the internal numbers being used as project names.
After having started Allplan, you can see the Allplan application window in its entirety.
When you measure an area using 'Measure' - 'Area', the tolerance is generally set to 1mm. This results in more exact values with large sections on screen. Measuring very large areas can take some time. As an alternative, you can use area detection to temporarily apply a fill to the outline and then measure the outline.
More internal programming interfaces.


Direct object modification of 3D lines offers data entry boxes.
You can quickly and easily change text parameters of individual lines in paragraph text.
You can apply the 'Stretch Entities' tool to elevation points.

Building structure
When you update 3D views in the objects derived from building structure, Allplan will keep the view saved.


DXF/DWG interface
When exporting data to DWG with the 'Specify part before exporting' option being selected, you can use the mouse wheel to define the section you want to export.
When you use prototype files to export data to DWG, ADT will use the correct unit to import these data.
Allplan takes into account multileaders when importing DWG files.

DGN interface
We improved export of smart symbols with attributes to DGN.
Allplan transfers the text size of attributes correctly to DGN.
We improved DWG export with the 'Unlabeled attribute' option.
Allplan always transfers arrowheads and extension lines correctly to DGN.
Allplan creates an element group when you export exploded elements to DGN (similar to DXF/DWG).

bim+ interface
Allplan transfers custom floor surfaces, vertical surfaces and ceiling surfaces as 3D elements to bim+.
We improved the update of area reinforcement exported to bim+.
We improved data import of large projects to bim+.
We eliminated certain special characters that occurred when you exported data to bim+ in conjunction with certain local settings.


Walls, Openings, Components
You can quickly and easily assign surfaces based on element colors to door SmartParts.


We improved export of Allplan data to 3DS format.


Associative Views
When you create symbols, Allplan processes elements with associative views on frozen layers correctly.
Allplan no longer selects fixtures arbitrarily in associative views.
We sped up screen refresh operations for associative views after you have modified the original elements.
You can quickly and easily create associative views with mirrored fixtures.

Bar reinforcement
The schema updates correctly when you use handles to modify bars placed with 'Place Bar Shape'.
You can modify the schema of the original spacer after having mirrored and copied the spacer.
You can apply couplers to bent bars or loop bars.


You can use the Bruns catalog for plants with a large number of variants.