Hotfix Allplan 2016-0-3

Release Notes


We edited and corrected various messages of Quality Reporter, resulting in a more stable Allplan.

Allplan and Windows 10
You can now use Allplan in conjunction with notebooks running Windows 10.
Quality Reporter correctly recognizes and displays Windows 10.
Hotinfo correctly recognizes and displays Windows 10.

Setup, Licensing, Auto-Update
We stabilized and improved WIBU licensing for Allplan in various places.
If the license server cannot display licenses due to missing administrator privileges, you get a corresponding message.
When you install Allplan as a viewer, Setup automatically chooses the country that is set for 'Region and Language' on the Windows Control Panel.
It is no longer possible to stop Allplan Auto-Update, making sure all software components always update correctly.
We improved Auto-Update, making sure the update runs through even if the Internet connection gets lost.

Services application
When importing project backups from Allplan 2014 and 2013, you now have the option to convert the data and to import them into a new project.
After having upgraded, you can no longer select the 'Hardlock' (dongle) option.

Building structure
You can rename drawing files in the building structure quickly and easily.



DWG interface
DWG export takes into account arcs between clothoids in composite elements.

DGN interface
Point symbols get the correct size when you export complex layouts to DGN.

BIM+ interface
Allplan transfers default attributes and user-defined attributes to BIM+.
Allplan transfers its internal element numbers to BIM+.
Allplan does not update objects that have not changed when you export data to BIM+.

iTWO interface
Finish specifications identified as areas to be subtracted (with the factor -1) are correctly exported to iTWO.

The 'Print Layouts' tool does not take into account margins when you choose PDF export and define a resizing factor.


Walls, Openings, Components
When defining the 'Sill Height', you can enter any value for deltaBL (for example, for the floor structure).


Bar Reinforcement
Using 'Convert, Match Elements', you can place design entities converted to reinforcing bars one after the other.
When modifying a linear bar placement, you can redefine the placing line in the 'Placing region' area of the 'Properties' palette.
Steel information and bending information you created for area reinforcement placed in polygon (with 'Bending Machine' in the BVBS standard) get the correct number of pieces.
Using 'Modify Placement', you can change the number of pieces quickly and easily a number of times.

We stabilized export of complex plates with large radii to Frilo. The FE program of FRILO Software GmbH cannot process circular beams. Therefore, you cannot export these components.


Site Plan
We increased the maximum values you can enter for the reference height in 'Modify Terrain Point Height'.


You can quickly and easily save custom surfaces as favorite files straight from the 'Surfaces' palette.

Allplan International

As soon as Auto-Update is complete, you get a message. This message is in the selected language.