Hotfix Allplan 2016-0-4

Release Notes


We edited and corrected various messages of Quality Reporter, resulting in a more stable Allplan.
Allplan 2016 is now available as a student version, too.

Setup, licensing, auto-update
We stabilized and improved WIBU licensing for Allplan in various places.
You can still work with the IBD wizards after having upgraded from Allplan 2015 to Allplan 2016.
License server: If you do not select the 'Start network server' option in CodeMeter WebAdmin when you select a license server license, the license server service does not start. The system now issues a message to this effect.
We improved auto-update.
Auto-update now installs hotfixes faster.
The administrator in a workgroup environment can allow or forbid users to find and auto-update hotfixes. This setting now works correctly.

Allplan displays smart symbols correctly in the preview of the Library palette even if you change the view for the preview.

Building structure
When you create a new plane model using 'Floor Manager', Allplan keeps the 'Reports' structural level in a building structure you created manually.
You can rename drawing files in the building structure quickly and easily.
We improved the building structure wizard for creating a new building structure.


You can enter any values when stretching entities.

When you export exploded data using the ODX interface, Allplan groups the objects correctly.

IFC interface
You can export data to IFC format even though you inadvertently deleted the original data of an advanced XRef you had inserted beforehand.

bim+ interface
We adjusted the links to login and password in 'Export bim+ Data' to the changes in the bim+ platform.
Allplan now exports data to bim+ in the background; so you can continue to work in Allplan. When export is complete, you will get a message or an email with information on the data exported.
We improved export of certain types of data to bim+.

PDF import
We improved the message Allplan displays when you try to import protected PDF files.

If you have defined a project angle for rotated plan view and you place a layout element, Allplan uses the correct points for drawing and placing layout elements in a congruent manner.
When you change the sequence of layout elements in a layout window, the display sequence in other layout windows does not change.


Roofs, Planes, Sections
Allplan no longer issues any messages when you 'Undo' a roof plane above a wall with a window opening and a SmartPart.
Assigning surfaces no longer affects the properties of roof planes.

Walls, Openings, Components
Allplan automatically updates dimension strings you created with 'Dimension Walls' to reflect any changes you have made to the geometry.
We improved the 'Join Linear Components' and 'Join Linear Component with Line' tools for joining multi-layer walls layer by layer.
A facing in an opening gets the material of the construction layer in which you inserted the facing.
If wizards contain profile walls with 2D symbols being used for the cross-sections, Allplan keeps these cross-sections when you upgrade from Allplan 2015 to Allplan 2016 (the new paths to the symbols are not taken into account here).
You can edit French doors using handles and direct object modification.
Fixtures in walls with absolute elevations can be moved in the z direction.
When you create window SmartParts with tilt-and-turn casements, Allplan tilts the corresponding casement in 3D if 'Position' is set to 'Open'.
When you create blinds as SmartParts, Allplan correctly calculates the 'Offset to opening at top/bottom'.


Allplan correctly displays shadows cast on rotated SmartParts when you set the view type to 'Animation' and select the 'Edges' option.
We improved VRML import. You can now import data containing objects with a very large number of points.


Bar Reinforcement
When you change a SmartPart with reinforcement in the SmartParts palette, Allplan keeps the manually created dimensions of the reinforcement.
Allplan exactly snaps to points of dimension lines you created with 'Dimension Line, Label' and the 'Formwork edges' option.
Allplan correctly updates associative reinforcing bar legends after modifications have produced new mark numbers.
We improved the 'Reinforcement schedule - British Standard' ('Shape Code' and 'Total Length').

Associative Views
You can use your own label style to label a slab opening in an associative view.

Allplan International

You can now define display settings separately for each envelope in the tractrix settings.
We improved the performance in CADICS for processing large element groups imported from Allplan.