Service Release Allplan 2016-1

Release Notes

Important New Features

We reworked the manner in which Allplan displays elements in detection color when you point to their labels using the mouse. The following rules now apply consistently: When you point to the label, the labeled element appears in the detection color. When you point to the element itself, the associated elements (for example, the labels) also appear in the detection color. A special rule applies to groups of elements whose constituent parts can be edited or deleted individually (for example, room groups): When you point to the label of the group, all its constituent parts including the labels appear in the detection color. The individual parts behave like normal elements with labels. The same is true for element groups whose constituent parts cannot be edited individually.

The 'Find' tool in the 'Library' palette finds not only library elements but also folders. This tool also scans the external path, provided you defined it beforehand.
When you set the external path in the 'Library' palette to a library folder of an earlier Allplan version installed in parallel, Allplan now displays a prompt, where you can decide whether to retain the library elements in the earlier version, too.
You can now replace entries when saving library elements. Which elements you can replace depends on the element type you want to save: Symbol files replace symbols, smart symbols and SmartParts; smart symbols replace smart symbols and SmartParts; SmartParts replace only SmartParts.

In Allplan 2016-1, you can now find the structural analysis symbols in the '2D objects' folder. In earlier versions, these symbols used to be in the 'Symbols and pictograms' folder.
We added mirrors and wash-basins to the 'Furniture' - 'Bath and WC' folder.
The steel sections U 2D, UPE 2D and Z 2D existed twice in earlier versions. In Allplan 2016-1, you can now find them only in the '2D objects' - 'Steel sections' folder.

Object Navigator
You can now save sorting criteria you defined in the 'Objects' palette as a favorite and retrieve this favorite whenever you need. As soon as you open user-defined sorting in the list box at the top, Allplan presents the familiar symbols on the right-hand side.

3D Modeling
Allplan simplifies polygonal 3D solids for calculating Boolean operations, making calculations faster.
Drawing files including a lot of complex general 3D elements with curves load faster, regardless of whether you switch views or change the size of the viewport.
You can now snap to real and virtual points of intersection of general 3D elements and general 3D surfaces and use these points of intersection to draw more elements.

Python application programming interface
Allplan 2016-1 comes with a beta version of the future Python application programming interface (API), which you can use to create 3D models including reinforcement. To see examples, set the external path in the library to ETC\EXAMPLES.


We edited and corrected various messages of Quality Reporter, resulting in a more stable Allplan.

Setup and Licensing
Silent Setup no longer displays dialog boxes for components that do not come from Allplan.

We stabilized and improved WIBU licensing for Allplan in various places.
We revised the help topic of returning licenses that were activated offline.
Allplan now saves log files of license management in a separate folder in the TEMP path.

Workgroup, Workgroup Online
Allplan Workgroup Online works with the current FileZilla version (0.9.43 and later).
You can move projects from a Workgroup server to the Workgroup Online server again.

Building structure
You can save the current selection in the building structure as a favorite and retrieve this favorite whenever you need.
The 'Derived from building structure' area retains the 'Reports' structural level even if you create a new building structure manually.
Drawing files you select as source drawing files in the 'Derived from building structure' area are not lost even if you reopen the building structure without Workgroup Manager.

We improved navigation in the library: Clicking 'Back' takes you up exactly one level in the hierarchy.
When creating folders in the library, you can use only valid characters for the folder name. If you try to enter an invalid character, Allplan displays a message.


When you create a new project based on a project template, the resource paths are set to 'Project' by default. The project templates now include the project resources.
When you label components, elements or sections, Allplan no longer takes the background color from the most recent text parameters. If you want to use a background color, you can select it in the 'Properties' palette after you have selected the label.
When you rotate elements using handles, the coordinate dialog box displays the correct angle.
You can analyze all sorts of points using reports, legends and label styles.

'Revision Cloud' comes with a fixed pattern line. Consequently, you can no longer select 'Pattern Line on/off' while drawing revision clouds.

Layouts including associative views load faster.
When you change the boundary of a layout window using 'Fold Line', Allplan no longer displays the original boundary.


DWG interface
We improved import of general 3D elements (BReps) to Allplan.
We solved inconsistencies that might have occurred when you excluded ellipses and circles from DWG import.

IFC interface
When you reimport reinforcement you previously exported from Allplan to IFC format, Allplan places the reinforcement in the correct position.

bim+ interface
The icon for 'Export bim+ Data' is now in line with the bim+ platform.
The colors of reinforcement do not change after export to bim+.
We improved the upload of Allplan data to bim+ and removed the unnecessary message.

PDF export
We improved the export of elements with complex hatching and patterns to PDF format.

We renamed the 'Export iTWO Data' tool 'Export CPIXML Data', making sure the tool name is in line with the file format of the exported data.


Walls, Openings, Components
The 'Door SmartPart' - 'Lifting door' tool provides more parameters: You can change the height of the deflection pulley, define an assembly frame and apply glass to selected panels or all panels.
When you change the parameters of slats and rails of roller shutters (created with the 'Shading SmartPart' tool), Allplan now displays these changes in 2D plan view, too.

Rooms, Surfaces, Stories
Legends can consist of both architectural elements and engineering elements.

Bonus Tools

3D Modeling
The shortcut menu of general 3D elements (with curves) provides the 'Convert Elements' tool.
You can now generate wireframe models of general 3D elements like circles and arcs.
We improved selection of congruent outlines in plan using the 'Selection Option for Ambiguous Elements on/off' option for the 'Loft' tool.
You can use the 'Subtract and Remove Solid' tool with special complex solids.


Site Plan
When you label composite elements, Allplan takes into account the 'Ts L/S' (text size factor) label parameter.


Associative Views
When you use 'Edit Text' to add text to a label of an associative view, Allplan retains this text even if you change the section identifier, for example.
We improved the handles for changing the section object of an associative section.
We improved Allplan's reaction when you reach the maximum number of referenced documents.

Bar Reinforcement
Allplan retains the fonts of labels in schemas and placements after direct modification of reinforcement.
Allplan retains the correct full schema after direct modification of a reinforcing bar using 'Stretch Entities'.
The 'Element Information' - 'Check number of pieces for partial and full schemas' tool behaves as in the previous version, displaying only the reinforcing bars without partial schemas or full schemas. As you know, you can save reinforcement with bars, associative views, dimensions and schema labels as symbols in the library. You can now place and edit reinforcement saved as symbols using direct object modification without restrictions.
We improved analyses of polygonally-placed bar shapes in legends and reports. As a result, output is now identical to that in the schema table.
To support the BIM method and visualize 3D reinforcement cages in an optimum manner, Allplan allows you to modify the format properties of the associated 3D elements. Of course, the familiar 'Match layers' pen, line, color' and 'Surface colors from diameters' animation options are still available.
We improved rearrangement of bars placed per meter.

Mesh Reinforcement
We improved the mesh shapes, allowing you to modify and delete them quickly and easily.

Allplan International

The 'Polygonize Element' dialog box ('Convert Elements' - 'General 3D element to 3D solid, 3D surface') automatically adjusts to the text length of the selected language.

British Standard
The 'Reinforcement schedule - British Standard' report outputs the correct total length of bars with 180° hooks.

We improved and updated the contents of the 'Fixtures' folder.

We improved the palettes of various SmartParts.