Hotfix Allplan 2016-1-2

Release Notes


We edited and corrected various messages of Quality Reporter, resulting in a more stable Allplan.
Allplan starts even if it cannot find the most recent free NDW document.
The crosshairs are correct when you point to elements and the 'Thick line' option is active in GDI mode.
Drawing file selection with the fileset structure is now much faster in Windows 10.
Allplan saves the most recent filter settings in the correct sequence.

Setup, Licensing, Auto-update
We stabilized and improved WIBU licensing for Allplan in various places.
To open the help topics, you can now press F1 or click an icon in the dialog box with the license settings.
As soon as you enter the first character of the Product Key in the 'License Settings' dialog box, the program automatically proposes the last matching key.
We improved installation in silent mode in various places.
We improved installation of hotfixes.

Data Conversion
We improved data conversion of favorites of which the components contain library elements. Allplan updates the paths to the library elements.
Allplan also converts the arrowhead data for dimension lines.

Workgroup Manager
In ProjectPilot, authorized users can be added to or removed from several projects in one go.
Workgroup Manager retains the auto-update settings of a normal user. However, these settings change with the global settings defined by the administrator.

The program no longer mixes 2D library elements with 3D library elements.
All elements in the library use the language you selected when you started Allplan.
Saving symbols to the library is now easier.


Direct Object Modification
Moving elements with direct object modification is now easier; the crosshairs show a correct preview of the element.
When restarting, Allplan remembers the setting of the pin symbol, which defines the position of the coordinate dialog in direct object modification.
When you use direct object modification to modify openings with SmartParts that are outside the opening (for example, folding shutters), Allplan displays the data entry boxes for the opening width again.

Advanced Draft
When generating regions in 'Polar Axis Grid', Allplan uses the right unit of length for the values you enter.

Print Preview
You can select a value you added using the 'Reference Scale' tool (on the 'View' menu).


DXF/DWG interface
When exporting, Allplan considers a modified line definition file you added using ODXToolsConfigurator.

bim+ interface
We improved the messages for exporting data to bim+.
Allplan exports door SmartParts and window SmartParts with the correct object type to bim+, which identifies them as doors and windows.
When exporting data to bim+, the program assigns the Allplan attribute 'door swing' to the 'Door' object.

IFC interface
The nodes of the stories get different numbers during export to IFC (Structural Analysis View).
When you export bars to IFC, the 'Allplan_ReinforcingMesh' and 'Allplan_ReinforcingBar' PSets now include the attributes for the mark number (position number) and the assembly name (group name), respectively.

DGN interface
When importing data from DGN files, Allplan correctly imports pen colors.

Bonus Tools

3D Modeling
Applying Boolean operations to 3D solids and general 3D objects is much easier now.

Editing fixtures using the 'Stretch Entities' tool does not affect labels.
After you have defined a smart symbol foil using the 'Define Fixture' tool, Allplan deletes the elements used in this foil as it did in earlier versions.
When placing linear fixtures, Allplan promptly uses the 'Element' option you select in the 'Input Options'.
Editing a placed fixture that does not have a reference to an external catalog no longer affects this status.


Walls, Openings, Components
Allplan retains the reference point of a label style used for an opening with a SmartPart even if you change the opening width several times.
Allplan retains the layer of the door swing symbol after you have copied a door opening including a smart door symbol and a roller blind housing by double-clicking the left mouse button.
We improved the 'Restore 3D View' tool for label styles with lines.

Rooms, Surfaces, Stories
Changing room data is now easier. Allplan retains all attributes even if you double-click an element and change the data of particular rooms with advanced catalog data.


Bar Reinforcement
The 'Reinf. schedule, bending shapes' legend analyzes all bars.
Before editing bent bars, Allplan checks whether these bars are consistent.
You can undo and redo bars you changed using direct object modification as often as you want.
Allplan displays partial schemas correctly in the preview while you are moving them.

Mesh Reinforcement
Placing excess mesh is easier.
Mesh cutting diagrams you create across several drawing files using the report tool in the building structure contain correct sum tables including the total sum.
You can label meshes in a view even if the 'Direction line' input option is not active.

Associative Views
Allplan no longer issues a message when you copy elements from associative views using the clipboard.
After having edited a 3D box (3D solid) using 'Stretch Entities', you can copy this box to an associative view without creating a link between the copied box and the original box.
Allplan retains defined views and sections in the target drawing file when you copy elements from a different drawing file to this target drawing file using the 'Copy, Convert Elements Across Drawing Files' tool.
You can use points where edges of 3D solids intersect as reference points for editing data in views and sections.
Allplan creates labels styles (for example, elevation points) of elements in associative views in the drawing file of the view. Allplan no longer places the label styles in the model drawing file.
We improved the way reinforcement appears in animation of associative sections.
Allplan copies foundation to the correct position in an associative section.


Site Plan
'Modify Element Parameters' tool: you can enter the direction angle independently of the current unit of length.