Hotfix Allplan 2016-1-4

Release Notes


We edited and corrected various messages of Quality Reporter, resulting in a more stable Allplan.

We stabilized and improved WIBU licensing for Allplan in various places.
You can now borrow licenses temporarily from an Allplan license server.
Please note the following requirements:
- Allplan 2016-1-4 is installed on all clients.
- The current version of the Allplan license server is installed on the server.
- You have updated the license(es) at the license server.
You can find detailed information in the FAQ document 'License server - Borrowing licenses temporarily'.

When you allow every normal user to access print sets and privilege sets, these sets are again visible to project owners.

Workgroup Online
If the Internet connection is slow, synchronizing all data in a project folder can take some time, blocking work with WGO. To solve this issue, we added the WGO_SyncFilter.XML file to the project folder. You can use this file to exclude data from synchronization (for example, bitmaps or PDF files). You can find examples in the file. An FAQ will be available soon.
Please note that only experienced administrators should use this option.


We sped up direction-based selection of large data volumes. You can now select data in the negative x-direction more quickly (green selection rectangle; elements fully and partially bounded by the selection rectangle).
Zooming and panning is much faster now, in particular when you copy a lot of text.
We improved the '' texture. You can now render elements with this texture using the RTRender view type again.


AutoCAD interface
We improved the import of circles and arcs with negative z-values.
You can import circles with object heights again.
We improved the import of dynamic blocks from AutoCAD.

IFC interface
We improved the import of walls with special geometric shapes from Revit.
We improved IFC export of element groups consisting of 3D objects with IFC attributes. Allplan now retains the height settings of the 3D objects.

CPIXML interface
We improved the 'Export CPIXML Data' tool. Allplan also exports particular 3D objects (similar to IFC export).

bim+ interface
We improved the messages for exporting data to bim+.

Bonus Tools

Bridge and Civil Engineering
If you work with the 'Bridge, Civil Engineering Component' tool on a computer running Windows 7, you no longer have problems closing a new cross-section definition without saving.


Bar Reinforcement
You can now select individual bars more easily.
It is now easier to modify reinforcing bars placed in general 3D objects in an associative view.
When you delete segments, Allplan no longer unlinks the associated dimension strings.
When you change the mark number using the 'Modify Mark' tool, Allplan now takes into account bars on frozen layers, too.
When you use 'Stretch Entities' to modify all bars of a mark, Allplan retains the schema and the mark numbers.
If there are several placements of a bar and you change only one of these placements using direct object modification, Allplan correctly updates the schema and the mark numbers.

Mesh Reinforcement
You can now place meshes in span in associative views and sections more quickly. Allplan no longer takes into account referenced drawing files you have not loaded.

It is now easier to save modified fixtures.
Allplan correctly creates linear fixtures with patterns or hatching.

We corrected the names of the LCE2 (LCE2 22) and DYN LCE2 (DYN LCE2 22) couplers in the Standard B500B and SMI B500C catalogs of the Bartec company.

Associative Views and Sections
Reinforcement placed in rotation in an associative view can again be modified multiple times.
Allplan copies the section object together with the section even if the layer of the section object is set to visible, frozen.
It is now easier to delete elements with the current layer from an associative view (all other layers are visible, frozen).