Hotfix Allplan 2016-1-8

Release notes


We edited and corrected various messages of Quality Reporter, producing a more reliable Allplan.


We improved 'Fileset filter' in the Fileset structure dialogue; a search for named empty drawing files now displays correct results.
When importing free NDW files into a project, specific attributes are extracted correctly again.

Workgroup Online
Using the 'Manage computers and projects' tool, you can copy projects from the online server to the workgroup they were created in.

IFC Interface
We improved the export of specific 3D elements into the IFC format 2x3.

Bonus Tools

3D Modeling
We improved Boolean operations, e.g. 'Subtract and Remove Solid'.


Specific attributes of smart symbol placements are extracted correctly in the program.


Bar Reinforcement
We corrected tolerance problems regarding the 'Rearrange marks' tool.
When you use couplers with British Standard 8666 settings, the correct shape code is displayed.

Allfa Facility Management

Allfa Sync
We improved the 'Smart Symbol to Item Assignment' tool in various places, e.g. when selecting and displaying Smart Symbols.
We improved the saving of original data using the 'Define FM View' tool.
We improved the replication of split FM rooms with finishing surfaces containing two or more covering layers.
We improved the replication of data files where FM objects were deleted.
Better database connection of specific FM rooms.