Service Release Allplan 2011 BCM SR1

Release Notes

GAEB / DIN 276
In addition to DIN 276, the cost group numbers in accordance with DIN 276 as at December 2008 can also be taken into account for data output in conjunction with the GAEB 90, GAEB 2000 and GAEB XML formats.

Windows 2008 server R2
Allplan BCM 2011.1 runs smoothly on a Windows 2008 R2 server.

Project archive comparison
The results of 'project archive comparisons' can be transferred to Excel, where they can be edited and printed.

Automatic program update
Now you can configure Allplan BCM so that program updates install automatically. This way, you can ensure that you always work with the latest program version.

"Filter for column ..." dialog box
The Filter for column dialog box, which you can open from the Open data sheet dialog box using "special effect“, immediately applies each entry you make to define the filter condition.

CAD attributes: separate definitions for standard and user-specific data
The standard CAD attributes (material, trade, calculation mode and so on) and the user-specific definitions are stored in separate folders: you can find the user-specific data in the ...\Data\Nemetschek\Allplan\Std folder and the standard definitions in the ...\Programs\Nemetschek\Allplan\Etc\XML folder. Now you need to specify three paths (instead of two) to configure the CAD-TAI interface in Allplan BCM.