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Allplan Bridge is a powerful solution for parametric modeling of bridges. The software supports all design phases, from concept to final design.

> Optimal work processes for bridge design
> Improved BIM workflows
> Easy optimization of bridge geometry

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Allplan Bridge Option - Functionality

Allplan’s new Bridge functionality is a powerful parametric 3D modeling solution to assist the bridge engineer with the design of bridges, especially concrete and composite bridges. The unique parametric model description enables quick and efficient management of the inevitable changes that occur during the design process. This saves both time and money.

The parametric model considers the alignment and the profile of a road. The cross-section of the bridge as well as its variation along the alignment is described parametrically. Even complex geometries including double curved alignment and variable cross-sections can be easily created with the help of alphanumeric entries and stored formulas, making model configuration quick and efficient. It is also possible to have several bridge geometries in one Allplan Bridge model.

Advantages of the Allplan Bridge Option

Model creation without compromise

Allplan Bridge has been developed by recognized bridge experts. The 3D parametric model description considers the road layout, bridge alignment and required cross-sections, making model configuration quick and efficient. Complex geometries including double-curved alignment and variable cross-sections can be created easily. The user only needs to define typical cross-sections and Allplan Bridge will accurately calculate all cross-section variants in accordance with the defined table(s) or/and formula(s).

Prestressing made simple

Allplan Bridge 2019 makes it easy to model a wide range of types of pre-stressing: with immediate or later bond, internal and external, longitudinal, transverse and vertical, as well as with non-standard geometry. Based on user-defined 3D points, the program automatically generates the geometry of a tendon along the bridge structure.

Planning stressing sequences in Allplan Bridge

A stressing sequence can be defined for each tendon specified in the model. Stressing, wedge slip, and releasing are available actions. These actions are carried out at the begin of the tendon, at the end, or at both sides simultaneously. To optimize the management of tendon stressing, the sequences of stressing actions are stored as named “stress groups.

Save time with parametric object placement

Objects from the Allplan Engineering library can be referenced in Allplan Bridge 2019 to add further details such as lamp posts or anchor devices of tendons to the bridge model.

Convenient operation

Unique parametric control enables quick and efficient management of the inevitable changes that occur during the design process saving both time and money. Working with Allplan Bridge is very convenient and specifically tailored to the requirements of bridge engineering.

Changes made in no time at all

Allplan Bridge helps you to manage the inevitable changes that occur during the design process. The parametric model description is an ideal base for adapting design changes. The modifications are incorporated only at their origin and all other linked members are automatically updated.

Smooth data exchange

Integrating road data used for road/bridge alignment is easily achieved via Allplan’s open BIM platform Bimplus. The bridge engineer must only take over the road data and can immediately start with the bridge design. Once the design is completed, the parametric model can be transferred in Allplan Engineering and to analysis software.

Intelligent Database 

Allplan Bridge benefits from a built-in database that is continuously logging modifications as the project progresses. This ensures that the input is never lost.

From model to time planning

The parametric bridge model generated in Allplan Bridge can be subdivided into individual construction elements. These can be transferred to Allplan Bimplus and linked with time-specific attributes.

Technical support from bridge experts

Allplan’s bridge design experts have over 30 years’ experience supporting engineers worldwide. Allplan’s clients can benefit from our technical experts providing comprehensive consultancy, training and support.



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