BIM solutions
for rebar detailers

Rebar is a vital element to the integrity of any concrete structure, but the current means to achieve an efficient workflow, for a rebar detailer, leaves much to be improved upon. Fractured communication between the structural engineer, general contractors, sub-contractors, and field personnel can lead to costly errors and clashes on the job site.

Rebar detailing software

Reinforce and detail concrete structures, quick and easy

Coordination is critical to maintain a tight construction schedule, avoid site errors and eliminate costly extensions. Building information modeling (BIM) gives drafters the ability to work in their familiar 2D drawing, while generating a 3D model. Functions like automatic bar placement and bending tools can cut the time it would take to design projects.

Allplan allows rebar detailers to quickly and accurately model, reinforce and detail concrete structures

> Integrate 3D and BIM into existing 2D workflows
> Generate accurate cost appraisals
> Automatically detect clashes

Below you will find in-depth product information and inspiring reference projects.


Our solution portfolio
for rebar detailing

Queensferry Crossing

"With its 3D reinforcement module, Allplan provided us with excellent support in the construction design so that precise collision­free reinforcement detailing could be provided at the building site while meeting all delivery deadlines."

Andreas Hartung, LAP­Consult/Germany

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"The organically shaped shell of the hydroelectric power plant was created with a very high level of detail with Allplan Engineering and provided the optimum basis for shell and reinforcement plans."

Andreas Möller, Konstruktionsgruppe Bauen

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Dry Dock in Duqm Port

"Thanks to integrated design, we delivered all the documents on time and error free. Allplan is simply the best solution when it comes to 3D reinforcement detailing."

Chris Kim, Senior Manager at BasisSoft

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Tamina Bridge

"Already during the planning phase, extensive designs of pre-stressed element guides and reinforcement were required to demonstrate the constructability of the design on the one hand, and similarly to make the tendering construction companies aware of the challenging framework conditions. A very powerful tool was available for this purpose with Allplan Engineering."

Markus Förster, Department head for bridge building at Leonhardt, Andrä und Partner

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Advantages of Allplan Engineering

Reinforcement at the highest level

An integrated 3D model, complete with reinforcement, fixtures, and if necessary tendons, provides the highest possible design reliability and clarity.


Seamless design process

Allplan supports the entire design process in a single system – from the initial draft right through to the final general arrangement and reinforcement drawings.


Diverse areas of use

Allplan Engineering is suitable for all types of construction projects - from small to highly complex, and for both buildings and civil engineering constructions.

The Gotthard Base Tunnel

The scheduled commissioning on December 11, 2016, marked the end of the project of the century – the Gotthard Base Tunnel – after nearly 20 years of building time. Its route length of 57 kilometers through the Saint-Gotthard Massif between Erstfeld and Bodio makes the Gotthard Base Tunnel the longest rail tunnel in the world.

“The 3D model was very useful to us where two adits meet at both tunnel tubes. The resulting spatial intersections of the various structures were ideally presented and edited in the 3D visualization. But the 3D system also gave us the assurance that the drawn reinforcement would really fit when developing the reinforcement plans.” Raphael Wick, project manager of the engineering consortium GBT Nord and representative of Gähler und Partner. 


The Circle

With a total investment cost of around CHF 1 billion, at the foot of the Butzenbüel hill and within walking distance of the terminal, a high-quality superstructure for services is emerging that will provide a usable area of 180,000 square meters. The first and second stages are expected to be completed at the end of 2018 and in 2019 respectively.

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Hydroelectric power plant Nepal

The construction of the Middle Marsyangdi Power Plant in the Lamjung District of Nepal (around 170 km west of Kathmandu) has made it possible to utilise the country's central hydro power resources. Klaus Klafke, Project Manager at DYWIDAG International GmbH, relied upon Allplan Engineering for the planning phase of this major project.

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The Allplan solution portfolio for Rebar detailing

Allplan is the ultimate BIM solution to meet the challenges of the construction industry and benefit from the digital transformation. BIM software and ALLPLAN's industry-leading collaboration and integration tools form the ideal combination.

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Allplan Bimplus is the ultimate open BIM platform for all disciplines to collaborate efficiently in building projects. BIM model data, information, documents and tasks are managed centrally over the complete building life cycle.

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