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We interviewed passionate beta testers and customers who work intensively with Allplan and Allplan Bimplus. Find out which benefits Allplan users like best in the new version, how quickly they can work on even large and complex projects with Allplan 2021 and how well interdisciplinary collaboration works. It's really fun!

Allplan customers are so enthusiastic
about Performance in Allplan 2021



"Opening large BIM data is incomparably faster in Allplan 2021 as well as working in the structure of the building without significant waiting times. Also sorting 3D data in layers or the navigator object is significantly faster on large models."

Peter Sova, Civil Engineer at De Bondt s.r.o., Trenčín, Slovakia


"With Allplan 2021, we can see a massive improvement in performance, especially when designing complex reinforced concrete components. In particular, we welcome the new functions for creating and adapting complex bar shape layouts."

Florian Leitner, ferro-technic GmbH, Imst, Austria


"Allplan 2021 provides a high performance solution for complex and large scale structures."

Adrian Grabara, Director, gbc engineers

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Allplan customers are so enthusiastic
about Collaboration in Allplan 2021


"The development of the Allplan Share option for direct collaboration with planning partners on one and the same Allplan data is a masterpiece. No other competitor's product is able to provide such optimal cloud-based collaboration."

Tobias Döring, Head of BIM Implementation at hammeskrause architekten, Stuttgart, Germany


"When I see a discrepancy on the site, I pull out my tablet or mobile phone, load the model into Bimplus and can give advice for amends on the spot."

Erik Hrnciar, Chief Executive Officer at Hescon, Kosice, Slovakia


"The decisive advantage of Bimplus is that data from any software in the construction industry can be integrated into Bimplus via the IFC or API interface."

David Brühwiler, Managing Director Brühwiler AG Bauingenieure und Planer, Winterthur, Wil, Gossau, Romanshorn, Switzerland

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"Bimplus enabled anyone on the project to view the live design model from anywhere, giving the entire team a much better insight into the design than if we had relied on drawings."

Silvy Santosa, BIM Specialist at BAM Infraconsult, Gouda, Netherlands

Allplan customers are so enthusiastic
about Structural Analysis in Allplan 2021

Structural Analysis

"We hope that this new solution will provide an interface between structural engineers and designers and thus save time and money."

Kai Lautenschläger, BIM Coordinator at Ingenieurgruppe Bauen, Karlsruhe

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Structural Analysis

"With the open format based on Excel, the exchange can be well organised."

Dipl.-Ing. Sebastian Merkel, Chief engineer at KREBS + KIEFER Ingenieure GmbH, Dresden

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Structural Analysis

"The open format is the goal and purpose of openBIM and that is exactly what the whole world is striving for."

Taras Kozak, engineer at KREBS + KIEFER Ingenieure GmbH, Dresden

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Structural Analysis

"If we make geometric changes in the calculation model in which we define dimensions, these are fed back into the 3D design model."

Christoph Hülsmann, Project leader structural engineering at ASSMANN BERATEN + PLANEN AG, Munich

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Structural Analysis

"A neutral data exchange, which is more reliable and carries less risk than previous solutions, will take us further."

Florian Buschbeck, BIM Coordinator at Ingenieurgruppe Knörnschild & Kollegen GmbH, Coburg

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Structural Analysis

"I see added value in the large amount of information I can pack into the models, from statics to architecture and vice versa."

Benjamin Himmel, Managing director at DSH-Ingenieure, Kempten

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Impressive Customer Examples
from practice with Allplan 2021


Complex projects
in the shortest time

Would you like to be able to work just as quickly with large models as with smaller ones?

See for yourself how much time you can save with Allplan 2021 for large, complex and detailed building projects.


in real-time

Do you want to coordinate with your planning partners in real time, distribute tasks or check for collisions?

With Allplan Bimplus, you can merge models on a central platform and manage your project - anytime, anywhere. Here you see how it works.

Structural Analysis

Convert models in no time with SCIA AUTOCONVERTER LIGHT

Would you like to convert your geometric building model into an analytical model in just a few steps?

Watch this video to see how, using Allplan Bimplus and SCIA AutoConverter Light, structural analysis can be easily and quickly integrated into your workflow (for Structural Engineers only with Serviceplus contract or Subscription).

Want to learn more?

Check out our webinar where we will introduce the new structural analysis model generation workflow delivered by SCIA AutoConverter Light included with Serviceplus contract or Subscription for our valued Structural Engineer clients.


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Benefit from the new opportunities
of Allplan 2021 and Serviceplus for your office


Performance with Allplan

Software performance with Allplan means so much more than just faster processing: Performance stands for more fun at work, being able to carry out larger and more complex projects with a higher level of detail, increasing your output, ensuring the consistency of your data, collaborating better with project partners and using more efficient workflows. This opens up new opportunities for more success for your office.

With ALLPLAN’s cloud-based solution Allplan Bimplus, you can optimize collaboration with your project partners, through efficient workflows, enabling you to maximize the benefits of the BIM method. Allplan Bimplus offers structural engineers with Allplan and Serviceplus contract revolutionary new functions for the smooth integration of structural analysis in a managed workflow. Watch this video interview to find out what the Allplan 2021 version has in store for you.

Not a Serviceplus customer yet?

With Serviceplus you receive access to expert technical support and automatically secure the newest Allplan version.

With Allplan 2021 we are also excited to announce that Allplan Bimplus Professional will now be included with valid Serviceplus and subscription licenses, enabling you access to true cloud-based BIM Workflow solutions. For structural engineers Allplan 2021 offers revolutionary new functionality for the smooth integration of structural analysis into a BIM workflow.

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Allplan Bimplus

You are not yet using the open BIM collaboration platform Allplan Bimplus? Register now and benefit from the many advantages:

  • Efficient model-based control of BIM projects
  • Integration of data from different systems
  • Access to your project data everywhere and at any time

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