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Allplan Architecture 2021
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BIM and digital twins, as well as the trends towards larger projects, more sophisticated geometric shapes, greater detail development and more and more dependencies, are substantially increasing the amount of computing power required. For this reason, the focus during the development of Allplan Architecture 2021 was on optimum performance.

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Features Allplan Architecture 2021
Allplan for Architects

Provision for voids

Enormous time savings through automated creation of provision for voids

With the Allplan 2021-1 release, architects can now complete their provision for voids in a fraction of the previous time. With the new functions, it is possible to automatically convert cutouts from the building services model into breakthroughs and slots in walls, ceilings and floor slabs. The cutout proposals are imported into Allplan as 3D bodies via IFC files. Here they can be filtered and inspected and then transferred individually or collectively into wall, slab or floor slab openings or slots at the push of a button.

Allplan Bimplus

Wide range of improvements for handling the BIM model

Allplan Bimplus offers a wide range of new and improved functions, especially for working with the BIM model. Using the BIM Explorer, you can now upload your 3D models even faster and display them more realistically. With the new measuring toolkit, you can increase the control and design quality of your building model. For a clearer overview, the Document Management in Allplan Bimplus has been optimized with the help of group filters and the option of multiple selection. And finally, you can now invite additional members with view-only rights, via the guest viewer, to facilitate your coordination processes and make important decisions earlier.


Significant time savings in many areas

Through a variety of adjustments, a fundamental acceleration of various work processes was achieved, which significantly improves the handling of large, complex and detailed projects with many associations:

  • opening a project and editing drawing files
  • modeling of free-form geometry
  • the processing speed of complex components
  • working with rooms and finishes

Allplan Share

Improved teamwork with Allplan Share

With demanding projects, waiting times could already occur with only one user. In combination with teamwork, the requirements are again significantly increased since the changes of many users have to be processed almost simultaneously.

In order to reduce communication via the Internet to an absolute minimum when using Allplan Share, up- and downloads and queries that are not absolutely necessary have now been consistently avoided through change tracking and intelligent caching of files and information. Further acceleration could be achieved by using multi-threading and switching to mass operations. All in all, working with Allplan Share has once again been significantly accelerated, enabling you to work productively even with less than optimal Internet connections.

Visual Scripting

Optimizations for the nodes

In Allplan 2021, existing nodes for Visual Scripting were optimized and new nodes were added. Allplan objects can be selected interactively for editing. The filter functions have been extended and there are new options for assigning, modifying and removing attributes. Instead of using the library, nodes can now be inserted directly by double-clicking on the canvas. This speeds up the creation of scripts considerably. The shape, dimensions, position and material of structural objects can now be controlled using Visual Scripting.


"Visual scripting is future methodology for workflows in building design."

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Walls, roofs, structural framing

Optimization of walls, roofs and structural framing

In structural framing you can now modify multiple properties for several columns and beams in a single step and apply favorites to several objects simultaneously. You can now define a wall style for walls with the same composition. This helps to structure information better, simplifies change processes and improves data exchange. In addition, the editing options for roof surfaces were further expanded. Roof surfaces can now be added and removed again.


Attribute improvements

Attributes can now have the status "undefined". This enables you to see immediately which attributes are already assigned and reduces the risk of incorrect information. Allplan attributes now also support formulas so that values from other attributes can be combined or calculated. This reduces the input effort and inconsistent information is avoided.


Improvement when working with finishes

In Allplan 2021, floor and ceiling finishes are not displayed schematically anymore but with real dimensions, including in animation and in hidden view. Object snaps and dimensioning are possible for all layers defined in the finishes. This significantly improves working with finishes.


Office standard for BIM-compliant operation

Allplan 2021 offers the new BIM EASY office standard, which supports BIM-compliant operation. It contains ready-to-use wizards for architects, engineers, planners and detailers with predefined format properties, attributes and building structures that can also be customized.


Optimizations in IFC exchange

Allplan 2021 extends the analysis of BRep geometries and openings during IFC import. As a result, more native Allplan building components such as walls, ceilings, columns, and, if necessary, with the corresponding openings can be created. This significantly improves the quality of the imported IFC models. When exporting IFC, you can also choose whether objects are exported as before as – optionally with support for free geometry (NURBS) – or as BRep geometry.


Technical Preview:
Direct import of Revit files

For the first time, the direct import of Revit files is possible within the scope of a Technical Preview. This means that Revit models can be imported into Allplan and used without first converting them to IFC format. During import, native Allplan objects such as walls, columns, ceilings, beams, windows, doors and roofs are created.

Allplan Bimplus

Interaction of Allplan and Allplan Bimplus

To optimize the interaction between Allplan and Allplan Bimplus, you can now start the BIM Explorer directly from Allplan without any intermediate steps. This makes it possible, for example, to view your own model together with models from other disciplines (e.g. MEP) and place them in the overall context. In addition, downloading reinforcement from Allplan Bimplus for further detailing in Allplan is now supported.

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